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2 days before my Tokyo trip in Jan, i met up with Patricia & the rest @ Modesto’s (Orchard Parade Hotel branch) for dinner & also to discuss about the itinerary.


The interior


The complimentry bread & i remembered it was pretty good!

Usually i like to enjoy some bread before my meal =)


Parma ham & rock melon! Nice… Lovely combination! =)


Yummy & huge portion for this Seafood Linguine! Super worth it for the $28++ price tag…… Haha!
  • Modesto’s
  • 1 Tanglin Road
  • #01-09/10 Orchard Parade Hotel
  • Tel: 6235 7808



Today is my dad’s birthday & i wish him good health & may everything be “Shun Shun” (goes smoothly) for him =)

The above picture of the Shou Tao was complimentry from Hua Ting @ Orchard Hotel which was last Sunday when i gave everyone a treat. And since my dad’s birthday was coming, i ask for Shou Tao & i didn’t know the presentation was so nice!!

This year my dad invited the rest of my aunts & their family & i’m looking forward to tonight’s dinner @ Seafood Paradise (Defu Lane)!

I’ve been here once in Jan with my family & you can read about the reviews here. I personally like the food but service may be a bit slow at times as i find them a bit understaffed.

Anyway can’t wait to surprise my dad with the customized cake that i order for him! Hope it turns out nice as it’s the first time i’m ordering from this cake shop.



The customized cake which i got from Yiling Confectionery =)  This design is called the Bao Zhong cake (the big white round thingy is the Bao & Green one is the Dumpling “Zhong Zhi”!!

As for the Shou Tao, i requested them to add in for me (no extra charge) & it looked SO NICE!!!!

It’s very worth spending $82 on such a nice 2kg customized cake & i’m happy that my dad likes the cake!


Once again…. Happy Birthday Dad =)

27th Dec’09

2 months ago my bestie invited me to my god-daughter Penelopy’s 3rd birthday celebration. The venue was @ Ellenborough Market Cafe , Merchant Court Hotel.

Time flies & she has grown so much. And parents nowadays are really doting towards their kids! See the princess outfit on Penelopy… It cost about $60-70+ from Mothercare & it’s from her dad Kenny =)

It even comes with a tiara but i was telling Phy that it looks like something that Wonderwoman was wearing! Haha…


As it was the X’mas month, the menu included some items that’s suits the X’mas theme =)

It’s my first time trying the food @ Ellenborough Market Cafe. Food was pretty decent & i may come back to try the high tea with Christina & Ivy =)


As you can see from Penelopy’s outfit & birthday cake, it’s a princess theme for her lah =)   And she was into Princess Aurora during that month!

Phy got a lovely cake from Bengawan Solo – love the crunchy chocolate bits in the cake!


It’s good that Phy created a list of “What To Buy” items for Penelopy’s birthday presents on her blog & i opt to buy this Disney Princess school bag.

But the bag is a little big for her now so i guess have to wait a while more before she gets to use it. Hee!


I was glad to have some time with Phy alone to have a nice chat when someone was helping to look after Penelopy. Thanks for inviting me to this birthday lunch buffet with all of you =)


2nd Round of Celebration

Dinner was @ my 外婆 house for her birthday celebration & we are having buffet dinner! 2 buffets in 1 day! =)


The 2 little ones are my cousins’ kids & they are so adorable lah =)


 And here is the birthday girl =)  May my 外婆 be blessed with good health & lots of love!

Cause she has pretty bad asthma problems & i hope that will improve for her lah & may there be less conflicts bwtween the children (it all started with 1 of her children… Sianz)

May this world be filled with more & laughters =)


Hi everyone… So sorry for the lack of updates! Been really lazy to update my blog! I don’t know why & it’s must easier to upload & update pictures on my Facebook! Hee… And especially i just got an iphone! It can really get pretty addictive =)


Anyway on 26th Dec, i arrange a gathering with my secondary school friends =)  After voting, most opt for Vivo City so i suggest to have lunch @ Serenity Spanish Bar & Restaurant since no one has been here before.


We got pretty hungry & attack the food immediately when it was served to us! For this group of friends, i have not seen some of them for quite a long time. During a certain stage, i seems so preoccupied with my own life & i’ve lost touch with some of my dear friends.

So i told myself i don’t want to lose this friendship & got everyone to meet for lunch. And i’m glad we are still the same & chatted happily about those good old days. I think our table were pretty noisy! Haha….


This is what Pauline has – Salmon Papillote.


The rest of us ordered the Arroz Negro (black squid ink paella) to share. We had the bigger portion for 4 pax!

The food was alright but most importantly is the great company! We chatted till we didn’t realised a few hours was over just like that.


We had such a great meet up that we decide to arrange a 鸡脚面 lunch @ our favourite stall which is near our secondary school. All of us learn to appreciate 鸡脚 from here =)  Can’t wait!

After lunch, all of us got different plans so i went to Somerset 313 with Patricia to look Diana who’s getting a jacket from MNG for our Tokyo trip.

And then we went to Cold Storage to get some food for our outdoor movie cum picnic @ The Flyer.


It’s the first time for me to experience an outdoor movie event & i like it. Great cooling weather with great friends & food!

Talking about food…. Look @ what we got!


I simply love the Table Water biscuits & Red Pepper dip! I got SUPER HOOKED on it after i’ve tried it @ my 4th aunt’s place the previous night. Patricia & i like cheese so we got 1 brie cheese to share!

All of us also got our own individual choice of sushi too! I enjoyed my California Rolls! Yum ♥


There were 2 movies that night – Grease & Mamma Mia!


 It’s really nice to spend my day with friends & looking forward to more!

By the way, i would like to wish everyone a Happy Lunar New Year!

Sorry that it’s a late greeting but CNY got 15 days right! Hee.

25th Dec’09

Actual day of X’mas is usually spent @ my 4th aunt’s place & i will attend unless i’m overseas for holiday. I think so far it has happened only once or twice! But i’ll always try to stay in S’pore as it’s a time to catch up with everyone =)


Xin Lian & her bf Lester never fails to amaze me with the food that they prepared! 2 great chefs & i was telling Xin Lian that they can open a catering company already! =)

And i like the vege sticks that my 4th aunt always prepared… Goes so well with the home made yummy sauce!!


I didn’t want to keep walking around so fill up my whole plate with food. Looking @ this makes me drool….


And there’s endless supply of food, wine & desserts for all of us!

I simply love such gatherings! =)  CNY is coming & it means another round of reunion with everyone + enjoy yummy food!!

I hope everyone had an enjoyable X’mas celebration with loved ones & friends! For me, it was an awesome month

24th Dec’09

It’s the 3rd celebration for the week & it’s X’mas eve!! =)   This year celebration was held @ Patricia’s bf place & the theme was Pajamas Night Party!!


This is the goodie bag which Patricia & Stefan prepared for everyone =)  It’s really nice & so thoughtful of them!


And i got a surprise when i reach the venue… Haha! See these 2 rabbits!! I call them Xiao Bai & Xiao Hei…. They had different shifts & i saw Xiao Bai on this chair when i arrived. It’s like they were there to welcome the guests =)  So cute…..


Everyone brought something along for the gift exchange!


Look @ the spread & it’s only part of it!! There were some other items in the kitchen too like satay, chicken wings, etc.


I contributed a log cake that night & it’s from Bengawan Solo! Usually i buy from the cake shop which is convenient for me to purchase the log cake due to location and/or time constraint.

Personally i kind of enjoy getting log cake for X’mas parties cause every year i like to see the various designs from the different cake shops =)


It was nice to enjoy the food & chat with everyone in such a relaxed ambience that’s filled with lots of festive mood! =)

And my very thoughtful friend Patricia bought me a gift which is a bag hook! And she’s really very creative… You see the different eye mask in the picture? It’s all hand made by her… =)


I like this picture with Ear Ear!! You are going to see lots of pictures of Ear Ear friends in my Tokyo travel post =)


And we had games for entertainment! Everyone was having fun… And Eileen’s daughter really enjoyed it! =)


That night was also Diana’s birthday! And a friend of her’s that she invited William also shared the same birthday =)

And on that morning @ 10+ , my friend Liqing also gave birth to a X’mas eve baby boy! Oh my…. Lots of X’mas eve babies around me!!


One BIG surprise which i get from this party is to see my primary school friend Peiyan! I find her very familiar when she walked in  =)  It was a very happy & nice reunion with her!


Nice group picture before we go home! Awesome party by Stefan & Patricia =)  Thanks for inviting me & i had lots of fun! Anyway 1 week plus after this party, we went on a great trip to Tokyo together =) 

Great bunch of people to hang out with! We are now planning a meet up soon to go for nice hawker food!! Can’t wait….

Sorry for the lack of updates… I don’t know why but i’m kind of lazy to update my blog + December & January is quite a busy month for me when it comes to gatherings + travel.

Anyway let’s continue with my X’mas gatherings! =)

It’s the second meet up for the week & this time it’s with my friends from ITE. Even though i was there for only a year, i’m glad i managed to meet some really nice friends.

For this gatherings, quite a few couldn’t make it =_=  I hope the attendance for the next one will be better lah.


It’s good that the venue was @ Magdelene’s place as she got 2 young kids so it may be hard for her to enjoy herself if she bring both kids out.


And being @ someone’s house, everyone is more comfy & just enjoy the food & do some catching up with friends.


Sarah is such a sweet girl… Had fun playing with her! Her baby brother was resting so i didn’t take a picture of him but he has grown so much! And if i’m not wrong, he’s just a few months old & he’s pretty big size already =)

Will definitely try to take a picture when i see Baby Sean next time! Hee…

Looking forward to see Magdelene & Judy during CNY =)  Judy is back from Australia for a visit & we be meeting up! Haven’t seen Judy for quite long so i’m looking forward to it.


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