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Yes…. It’s korean food again =)  After having it at far east plaza recently enhance my craving. Hee. Anyway my bestie been here before and i got good feedback from her so i decide to try out their lunch bbq buffet =)


The interior of the restaurant. I was seated at the window seat when i took this pic. The whole place is big de lor!! Very spacious =)

The menu

All customers were given 2 jars of tea and iced water =)  And can u guess what’s the tablet looking thing? I was really blur and i ask the waitress. And after putting some water, it turns into…..






Wet towels! Hee… I’ve never seen anything like this so i was quite amused by it =) Very interesting

Btw the wet towel , iced water & tea are not included in the buffet. Cost $1 per pax but i find it reasonable lah =)

Anyway the highlight is the bbq buffet! Yummy…. I was so happy to start! For $29++, u can have unlimted servings of 3 kinds of pork and 1 chicken =) Every customer was also entitle to have 1 free ala carte dish per pax and can choose from 6 items. But i was so hungry to start eating and didn’t pay attention to what the waitress told me so i didn’t order. Haha =) But the with all the meat for bbq + side dishes were also very sufficent already. So let’s the view the pics now =)

The 4 kinds of meat for the buffet. Pork collar, pork belly, pork rib & chicken


All the various side dishes =) I like!!

This is my favoutite and i even had a 2nd serving of this =)


Looks really gd rite!! =)  My favourite are the pork belly & chicken. Btw for the bbq part, there will be someone doing it for u and i find it good. Can enjoy the meal and just chit chat. And the waitress who serve us was good and friendly =)  Thumbs up for the service

The view i get while i enjoy my meal =)

And to end the meal, we were given watermelon & ginger tea


So cute right! =)  Heart shape watermelons. Hee… And it’s very sweet so i request for 2nd serving

I have no complaints about the whole meal except for the ginger tea. It taste really weird and after 1 sip & i stop *Yucks*

Since i was so full after the great meal, i decide to walk around and so i drop by Big Splash to explore and see what i can try next =)  And i’m already aiming at a restaurant. Shall intro it in my blog when i get to visit the place =) Anyway weather was freaking hot and i don’t have my sunglasses with me ={  So i bei tahan and went to Old Town White Coffee for a cold drink


Enjoying my iced Mocha White Coffee =)  Damn shiok lah… Away from the hot weather and to enjoy some air con + iced kopi

And how can i forget my favourite kaya & butter toast! And i asked for extra butter… Hee

 See the butter!! =)  I just love butter lah… Think some of you have witness my luv for butter personally. Hee

And with my stomach nicely filled up with good food, i went home happily =)

When i got home, i saw my mum watering the plants and i can’t help but to snap a pic of the pretty flowers. Luv the purple shade


  • 1018 East Coast Parkway #02-01
  • Tel: 6447 9279



Yeah…. It’s dim sum time again! Went with my bro and angeline =)  Once in a while, we enjoy going for dim sum together and we will try different places. This is our 2nd time @ Peach Garden and we choose to go to the OCBC Centre branch as we were coming down from bukit timah after fetching angeline =)

The OCBC Centre branch is located at level 33 so the view is kinda nice if u sit near the window =)  When we reach at 11.30+am, the whole restaurant was empty. We were the first and felt so gd.. It’s like as if we’ve booked the whole restaurant. Haha

The view from my table =)

Ok…. Now i shall just show what we have eaten. Peach garden is quite a nice place for dim sum as i find the quality and service are gd =)

This is the dish which they will serve when u arrived. I like this =) The sauce compliment the pasta well. Yummy…

Roasted pork! =)  1 of my favourite…

Chee cheong fun with prawn fillings. A must order item everytime =)

I like the xiao long bao here. Seems better than the ones i tried at thomson plaza branch

Teochew Style Glutinous Rice. This is the only dish i don’t like, this is too sweet. We order wrongly lah, wanted the glutinous rice in lotus leaf kind.


And some of the other dim sum which we had =)


Yummy york cream bun! =)  Look at the nice yellow tone fillings!! I’m slowly growing to like this. First time i tried it was at Imperial Treasure during my b-day treat by my bestie =)  She likes this also… Hee.

  • Peach Garden @ 33 in The Executives’ Club
  • OCBC Centre #33-01
  • Tel: 6535 7833


Judging from the title, i’m sure you can guess this post will be about babies =)  These 2 years i seems to be surrounded by babies. They are so cute lah… But can be naughty at times. Hee! But im really proud of all the babies mummy! It’s really not easy to go through the whole pregnancy and also taking care of the baby is a lot of hard work but of cause they don’t complain =)  I hope when it’s my turn next time, i will be a strong mum like the rest…

Anyway now shall intro all the cute babies and show u their pics =)

First of all, its Baby Sarah =)  Her parents were my classmates at ite tampines. We used to be so carefree back then and now they are promoted to mum & dad already =)  Yesterday i just went to visit sarah and my friend Magdelene. Baby sarah is so cute lah…. She looks A LOT like her dad! Hee… And i enjoyed carrying her and she’s a very well behaved baby =)


Don’t know why but when i carry her to take a pic, she kept moving and her facial expressions look so funny lah. Hee. Too bad i didn’t manage to take a pic of her smiling. Auntie June will be back to visit u again ok =)

Next i’m going to intro the 2 closest babies in my life =) 

First is Baby Athena


Athena is my cousin baby. I simply adore her lah and the way she called me “Gu Gu” is so cute. It’s like the way she moved her lips lah. Hee! And whenever she’s at my house, she enjoy running around, climbing up the stairs. And she seems to eat anything… Hee. When you are older, i shall bring you for buffet and shopping with penelopy ok =)

Next is Baby Penelopy =)


Penelopy is my bestie Phy’s daughter and she’s also my god-daughter =)  She has very nice curly hair and she looks so dolly! It’s all natural ok… She’s like her mum who had natural curly hair too when she was a baby. Erm… She also got a loud voice like her mum! Haha… But penelopy voice more powerful lor =)  But i still adore her lah. I like it when u ask her “how u love love” and she will come close to u and tap her forehead to mine in a gentle manner =)

Finally it’s Baby Clarice turn =)  Her mummy Liqing was from the same sec sch as me. When i was her jie-mei during her wedding, she was a pretty and happy bride and now a proud mum of a baby gal. Time flies


I hope all of them grows up to be healthy, smart and pretty =)  And to all mums, it’s very noble of u to enter motherhood and i’m sure lotsa tender loving care will be given to your child. Looking forward to see the kids grow up and enter another stage of their life.

Wonder if it’s my turn, how will it be like?? Hee =)

 Yesterday went to try this korean restaurant at far east plaza with my bro and angeline. I know this restaurant has been around for quite some time already but just never get to really try it.

We opt for the $59++ set meal for 2 to share among the 3 of us. And the portion was really kinda big.


When it comes to korean food, i always enjoy the side dishes that was given. The ones at Su korean cuisine are quite alrght =) 

And finally our set meal arrive at our table =)  Makan time!!


I enjoyed my meal n esp when there’s bbq =)  I the kind who must have some meat in my meal. I like it when i wrap the meat with the lettuce and i even added in some kimchi. Yummy!!!

  • Su Korean Cuisine
  • Far East Plaza #01-21
  • Tel: 6235 0420

After dinner, we were really full and so we walked around FEP for a while to digest. And before we go home, we decide to go to liang seah street for dessert at Ah Chew! =)

I had the mango sago with pomelo, my bro had the coffee flavoured fresh milk steam egg while angeline had black sesame paste =)  It’s always nice to come to Ah Chew for desserts. I tried a bit of the other 2 desserts and it was gd too. What a nice way to end the night. I’m happy happy =) 

This is a new show on channel U showing at 10pm every weekday night =)  I will always watch it if i’m at home. Very nice show and each episode got a different story to tell. And i love this song so much.

So for those who haven’t watch it yet… quickly switch to channel U ok =)

Today i’m very happy to have my fren Grace to go back to Novus with me to try out their set lunch =)  I had a gd experience for their dinner during one of my birthday celebration so my expectation for lunch was kinda high.

And indeed i was not disappointed =) 

I LOVE the bread at Novus =)  The texture and taste…. It’s just nice!


The staters that we ordered =)  I had the Norwegian Gravadlax Salmon Roll while grace chose Smoked Duck Breast.

Next was the soup! French Onion Soup


Follow by the main course =)


My Rack Of Pork and Grace had Pan Fried Sea Bream.


We started to try taking pics by ourselves using the timer function of my Canon camera and the 2 pictures turns out quite nice =)

In the restaurant, they had this display on every table. I find it nice to have a bit of green against the white table cloth =)  Very soothing to the eyes

Next we were served the desserts and both of us were happy with what we chose.


I had Apple & Pear Custard Pie while Grace chose the Chocolate Pavlova


I was really enjoying my meal as the dessert was really good.

And we end the meal with a nice cup of coffee and Petit Four =)

I enjoyed this set lunch very much and i’m glad grace likes it too =)  And Novus is the place to go if u want to have a really nice and quiet lunch. Throughout the meal, there was only 4 customers including us. And it’s really great to enjoy such quietness on a sat afternoon with great food and service =)  All these for $38++ only. 

  • Novus Restaurant
  • National Museum Of singapore
  • #01-02
  • Tel: 6336 8770


After lunch, we walked over to raffles city and citylink mall for some shopping. Got 1 cardigan and also another dress from Bysi at half price only =) $20+ for a dress is very worth it. Happy happy…

As grace got dinner appointment with her friends, i went on to meet my brother, angeline, wayne and eva for dinner =)  So i took the mrt to serangoon station to wait for my brother to pick me up.

And we decide to have Fish Head Steamboat =)  More food…. Hee


Another great meal! Yummy…. Even though it’s kinda bad for my waistline but i can’t resist gd food.

And thanks to wayne for this meal leh! Hee =)

  • Nomin Seafood Restaurant
  • 31/33 Teck Chye Terrance
  • Tel: 6286 3291

Yesterday met up with my cousins xin lian & gladys at Marina Square to celebrate gladys bitrthday =)  We chose Hotpot Culture as the 3 of us have not been to this place before. For $19.80++, we can have steamboat with up to 40 different steamboat items & also over 40 different cooked dishes. Quite a gd deal =)

When i was there, i saw this promo. If i’m going back again, i may try this promo set instead. Not only becoz it’s cheaper but if i don’t want to eat too much, i think this set should be enough =)  Also if u choose this set, i think can order certain of their ala carte signature dishes at half price



Anyway we quite enjoy this meal but we were really full with just the steamboat, we didn’t even order the cooked dishes. Hee.  Overall it’s a nice place n service staff was quite gd =) 

And our favourite choc fondue which was included in the buffet too. I’m happy whenever there’s choc fondue. Yummy….

One last group picture before xin lian goes off to meet her bf =) Hope the 3 of us will always be so close. I luv u cousins *hugz*

  • Hotpot Culture
  • Marina Square #02-138D (near Secret Recipe)
  • Tel: 6333 9844

Weekdays: Adult: $19.80++  |   Child: $10.80++
Fridays, Weekends, Eves of & on Public Holidays: Adult: $24.80++  |  Child: $12.80++


After xin lian left, gladys and i continue to walk around. Then we walked passed Fox n they were having sale. And if u use UOB card to pay, additional 15%  =)  So both of us went in n i happily got myself 2 tops. Gladys was really power… I think we spend abt 1-1 1/2 hrs there and she got herself 6 tops. My legs were really abt to break apart and after payment we went for a drink at Secret Recipe and it felt so good to sit down


$26.52 for 2 tops (The blue tube only cost ard $9 after discount)  Gd deal =)  Happy happy…. Hee


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