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Gathering @ Cafe Iguana and The Arena

Posted on: July 9, 2008

Last month met up with jeremy, jeannie & michelle with my bro and angeline for dinner and clubbing. It’s been quite some time since i last saw them. Times flies! I got to know jeremy first as he was my bro buddy during bmt. And thru jeremy i got to know michelle n jeannie =)

Through out the yrs, everyone gone thru different changes. I rem mich n jeremy were only frens when i got to know them and now they’ve been a happy couple for a few yrs oredi =)  May god bless everyone and it’s really great to develop this frenship with them =)  *hugz*

First stop is for dinner at Cafe Iguana =)  It’s been quite long since i last come here. We sitted outside and it was kinda nice n windy. N wat more can u ask for with great food, drinks n frens.


The food in the top left picture is what i had! I think it’s called burittos with shredded steaks. It’s really yummy =)  But the portion was a bit too much for me. Can’t finish…

And when we are there, how can we miss out the margarita!! Esp when there’s a 1/2 price promo b4 9pm. So worth it =)

Enjoying my mango margarita =)  the colour matches so well with my dress that nite. Wahaha. And look at how angeline pose in the pic, it’s like she’s doing a watch commercial. So cute!

After dinner, everyone except angeline proceed on to The Arena. And my bro being the doting bf accompany her for a while, walk her to the carparkto get her car then come over to join us

The gals having some white wine first. I like the effect of this pic created with my N95 =)


Some pics that were taken that nite. Had fun enjoying the music, drinks n dancing with everyone =) But i think i’m really old + i’m oredi not a gd drinker. I got kinda sleepy after 2 volka orange. Haha . That’s y i dun dare to drink too fast =P

We ended the clubbing session ard 2am and we went on to have bak kut teh for supper which didn’t turn out so nice. But overall it was a great nite out =)

Reservation is strongly recommended for this place as it’s alwiz packed. Very gd biz!

  • Cafe Iguana
  • #01-03 Riverside Point
  • Tel: 6236 1275

2 Responses to "Gathering @ Cafe Iguana and The Arena"

hihi~ just saw your comment… yea it’s ok to link me up 😀

wah your entries… so many feasts… kekeke~ glad u enjoyed! *muack*

Hi Vernice… Tanx for visiting my blog =) Hee… anyway too much feasting liao n i’m getting really round.

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