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100th Day

Posted on: July 11, 2008

Yesterday was the 100th day since my 2nd aunt passing… Time flies. Everyone went to pay our respect to her. I hope she’s in a better place now.

She was a nice person when she’s alive and has never done anything bad in her whole life so i’m sure she be blessed and i hope in her next life, she will be a happier person. Sometimes when i happened to be back at TTSH, certain memories will flow back to my mind. Now when i recall back, it was so sad to see the tube in her mouth and she can’t really tok. It’s something i didn’t expect to see when i came back from taiwan.

She has never been admitted into a hospital before so during her 2 mths plus stay at TTSH, she kept saying want to go home ={  We would really want to bring her home but her condition does not permit us to do so. It’s really heart breaking to see her disappointing face everytime.

And on the day when she turn really critical, all of us rushed down. I was hoping it will be like before where the doctor will manage to stablize her condition but this time they really tried their best ={  It was really hard to see a loved one fade away slowly in front of u. It’s hurts so much to say bye to her in this way.

Well our life is back to normal now but my 2nd aunt will always be in our heart! And before i end this post, i will like to thank my grandma and mummy. As my 2nd aunt was a handicap, can’t walk and also for the last 10 odd yrs her bowel system has got probs so has to wear adult diaper, a lot of things has to be taken care of by both my grandma and mummy. Even the doctor at TTSH said my 2nd aunt must be very well taken care of at home, if not she may not be able to live till her 50’s.

As a family, we gave her the best that we could and i believe she know =)


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