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Suay suay….

Posted on: July 14, 2008

Something happened to my dad’s car yesterday. Dunno which idiot car bump into my dad’s bmw n just drove away…. Curse u ah!! Hope u get ur punishment….

Can u see the damage!!! But luckily the lights were not spoilt, if not have to spend more $$ for the repair works. Really hate such irresponsible drivers…. As it happened at a carpark and my dad went to find his frens for a chat so no one see the culprit. Arrgghhh… I get very angry even when i juz think abt it. If only there’s someone who witness the whole incident n can inform us, i will go n confront the idiot… #**%*&@!%*@!%#


8 Responses to "Suay suay…."

Tat’s really sooo bad and KNS of that stupid driver!! ;(
So maddening indeed!!!

Really KNS lor…. Stupid dumb dumb driver ={

Anyway dun scold so much ah… Now u r pregnant! Hee =) but tanx for leaving a comment. Appreciate it *hugz*

who knock my ah gu’s car!!!!! i ask lester go whack him. haha (:

hope the repairs wun cost much!

Hey Lianne…. Let’s get all the male cousins n my bro too! Haha. Anyway the repairs may cost a few k?? Not really sure of the exact amt. My poor dad just really unlucky lah ={

that’s a bad damage.. so irresponsible.. if only we can find the culprit like the tvb show forensic heroes… anyway, nice blog… love reading.. keep it going

Hi babyminnie =) Tanx for the comments on my blog… It’s very encouraging for me. Hee. May i know how u got to know abt my blog? =) N do u have ur own blog? I can link u up

As for my dad’s car incident… Like wat u said, if only can be like the show forensic heroes. But can’t do anything ={ Hope the culprit will get his/her punishment

got it from LD, your signature… hee i dun have a blog.. want to start one but lazy to get started..

Hee… Well i hope u will start ur own blog one day n do rem to let me know k =) Have a gd day…

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