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Cute Babies!! =)

Posted on: July 23, 2008

Judging from the title, i’m sure you can guess this post will be about babies =)  These 2 years i seems to be surrounded by babies. They are so cute lah… But can be naughty at times. Hee! But im really proud of all the babies mummy! It’s really not easy to go through the whole pregnancy and also taking care of the baby is a lot of hard work but of cause they don’t complain =)  I hope when it’s my turn next time, i will be a strong mum like the rest…

Anyway now shall intro all the cute babies and show u their pics =)

First of all, its Baby Sarah =)  Her parents were my classmates at ite tampines. We used to be so carefree back then and now they are promoted to mum & dad already =)  Yesterday i just went to visit sarah and my friend Magdelene. Baby sarah is so cute lah…. She looks A LOT like her dad! Hee… And i enjoyed carrying her and she’s a very well behaved baby =)


Don’t know why but when i carry her to take a pic, she kept moving and her facial expressions look so funny lah. Hee. Too bad i didn’t manage to take a pic of her smiling. Auntie June will be back to visit u again ok =)

Next i’m going to intro the 2 closest babies in my life =) 

First is Baby Athena


Athena is my cousin baby. I simply adore her lah and the way she called me “Gu Gu” is so cute. It’s like the way she moved her lips lah. Hee! And whenever she’s at my house, she enjoy running around, climbing up the stairs. And she seems to eat anything… Hee. When you are older, i shall bring you for buffet and shopping with penelopy ok =)

Next is Baby Penelopy =)


Penelopy is my bestie Phy’s daughter and she’s also my god-daughter =)  She has very nice curly hair and she looks so dolly! It’s all natural ok… She’s like her mum who had natural curly hair too when she was a baby. Erm… She also got a loud voice like her mum! Haha… But penelopy voice more powerful lor =)  But i still adore her lah. I like it when u ask her “how u love love” and she will come close to u and tap her forehead to mine in a gentle manner =)

Finally it’s Baby Clarice turn =)  Her mummy Liqing was from the same sec sch as me. When i was her jie-mei during her wedding, she was a pretty and happy bride and now a proud mum of a baby gal. Time flies


I hope all of them grows up to be healthy, smart and pretty =)  And to all mums, it’s very noble of u to enter motherhood and i’m sure lotsa tender loving care will be given to your child. Looking forward to see the kids grow up and enter another stage of their life.

Wonder if it’s my turn, how will it be like?? Hee =)


2 Responses to "Cute Babies!! =)"

Awww those babies sooo CUTE lah!! 😉 Heee can’t wait for my lil girl to pop out too!! *keke*

Hey cherlyn…. I feel excited for u too =) Hee… Meanwhile take gd care of ursellf ok!! Hugz…

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