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Ju Shin Jung East Korean Charcoal BBQ

Posted on: July 29, 2008

Yes…. It’s korean food again =)  After having it at far east plaza recently enhance my craving. Hee. Anyway my bestie been here before and i got good feedback from her so i decide to try out their lunch bbq buffet =)


The interior of the restaurant. I was seated at the window seat when i took this pic. The whole place is big de lor!! Very spacious =)

The menu

All customers were given 2 jars of tea and iced water =)  And can u guess what’s the tablet looking thing? I was really blur and i ask the waitress. And after putting some water, it turns into…..






Wet towels! Hee… I’ve never seen anything like this so i was quite amused by it =) Very interesting

Btw the wet towel , iced water & tea are not included in the buffet. Cost $1 per pax but i find it reasonable lah =)

Anyway the highlight is the bbq buffet! Yummy…. I was so happy to start! For $29++, u can have unlimted servings of 3 kinds of pork and 1 chicken =) Every customer was also entitle to have 1 free ala carte dish per pax and can choose from 6 items. But i was so hungry to start eating and didn’t pay attention to what the waitress told me so i didn’t order. Haha =) But the with all the meat for bbq + side dishes were also very sufficent already. So let’s the view the pics now =)

The 4 kinds of meat for the buffet. Pork collar, pork belly, pork rib & chicken


All the various side dishes =) I like!!

This is my favoutite and i even had a 2nd serving of this =)


Looks really gd rite!! =)  My favourite are the pork belly & chicken. Btw for the bbq part, there will be someone doing it for u and i find it good. Can enjoy the meal and just chit chat. And the waitress who serve us was good and friendly =)  Thumbs up for the service

The view i get while i enjoy my meal =)

And to end the meal, we were given watermelon & ginger tea


So cute right! =)  Heart shape watermelons. Hee… And it’s very sweet so i request for 2nd serving

I have no complaints about the whole meal except for the ginger tea. It taste really weird and after 1 sip & i stop *Yucks*

Since i was so full after the great meal, i decide to walk around and so i drop by Big Splash to explore and see what i can try next =)  And i’m already aiming at a restaurant. Shall intro it in my blog when i get to visit the place =) Anyway weather was freaking hot and i don’t have my sunglasses with me ={  So i bei tahan and went to Old Town White Coffee for a cold drink


Enjoying my iced Mocha White Coffee =)  Damn shiok lah… Away from the hot weather and to enjoy some air con + iced kopi

And how can i forget my favourite kaya & butter toast! And i asked for extra butter… Hee

 See the butter!! =)  I just love butter lah… Think some of you have witness my luv for butter personally. Hee

And with my stomach nicely filled up with good food, i went home happily =)

When i got home, i saw my mum watering the plants and i can’t help but to snap a pic of the pretty flowers. Luv the purple shade


  • 1018 East Coast Parkway #02-01
  • Tel: 6447 9279



7 Responses to "Ju Shin Jung East Korean Charcoal BBQ"

Hi June,

I’m heeeeere!!!

Woa… ur blog is like a food blog and you know what? After clicking “submit comment”, I’m so gonna scram coz I’m so HUNGRY now!!!!


Hi Jolene! =) Welcome to my blog… Hee! I know how u feel lah coz i feel the same when i view other ppl blog that feature a lot of food *drooling*

WAH! hehe korean buffet. hehe I LIKE! hehe (: thinking of bringing Daddy to old town for coffee this weekend! hehe see u friday!

Hi xin lian… Old Town is nice! Can also go for a stroll after that =)

i chance upon ur blog….goggling the east coast bbq comments and review…u sure did a good job introducing…

Tanx Jackson…. U shld try this korean bbq! It’s really not bad =)

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