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I’ve always enjoy going to JB for good food with reasonable pricing =)  But for those who are reading this post and also happened to know my dad, PLEASE DON’T LET HIM KNOW I GO TO JB!!! Haha…. Coz he don’t like lah as he thinks it’s not safe.

Anyway recently i got the chance to go to JB to get some durians and to try out this place that was introduced by Channel 8 =) 

1st Stop – Durians


Ok…. I’m not gd with the names of the different range of durians! I only eat…. Hee! Anyway the ones shown in the pics are the Sultan durians. Seems like Mao Shan Wang are not available now till dec if i rememeber correctly. It’s nice… Lotsa flesh with bitter sweet taste =)

Got to know this place through my bro’s friend Wayne and he helped to get some recently. As everyone who tried it like it so deicde to drop by to get some

  • Everyday Commocity Trading Co (It’s beside this Bak Kut Teh stall)
  • 9 Jalan Sutera Satu, Taman Sentosa
  • 80150 JB
  • Tel: 016-766 7298 (Ah Wei)

2nd Stop – Ban Heong Seng Restaurant

This place was introduced by Channel 8 before. The show was hosted by Chen Liping & Cynthia Koh =)  As Xin Lian and her family tried it before and they gave gd reviews, all the more i want to try =)

Btw there’s this signboard which was very interesting. 1 signboard but 2 different wordings on both side. Haha

This should be the correct one. At this point, we turn right in and we will reach the place already. It’s the first house on your right.

I took this after we turn right and this is you will see. Hee. Can be quite misleading if u are driving around and trying to find your way

This is how the place looks like =) 

And finally it’s MAKAN time!!! =)


Enjoy some yummy “Ah Char” while waiting for the food

I luv chilli so it’s a must have =)  I like to dip the chicken and fish dish that i’m having later into this chilli. Hee


Both the Beggar Chicken & Glutinous Oyster Rice are prepared in this way. They will be cooked like this for 8 hrs. So if u r coming here to eat, pls & must call at least 1 DAY in advance to order =)


Beggar Chicken & Glutinous Oyster Rice are so yummy!


Tung Hoon & Country Fish =)  The tung hoon taste pretty good. As for the country fish, it quite an unique dish. I’m not sure how they do it but it looks like fishcake for the inner part and crispy on the outside. Really not bad =)

And for those who are driving there for the first time, u may have a hard time finding the place. I heard sometimes even the locals don’t really know this place. So maybe keep a lookout for Danga Bay. According to my cousin blog, Danga Bay is just opposite Ban Heong Seng Restaurant =)  And Danga Bay is a newly developed place where they have alot of restaurants and small shops. So u guys maybe can explore this place too =)

  • Ban Heong Seng Restaurant
  • 34-B Jalan Skudai, Batu 3 1/4
  • Off Tahar, 80200 JB
  • Tel: 07-237 5194
  • HP: 016-757 1887

 3rd Stop – Hiap Joo Bakery


 Next we proceed on to this bakery shop to get some of their popular bread before going back to s’pore =)

And this is where they do all the baking in the traditonal way & you will get freshly baked bread all displayed out for you to choose =) 

As i was kinda full by the time i reach here, so i wasn’t keen to try the bread. But luckily i took pics of the “menu” and now i’m feeling hungry. Haha. At least i know what i want to try next time – Custard, Cheese, Sardine, Chicken Potato & Banana Cake =)

Bought some bread home to try – Curry Potato, Kaya, Otak and Coconut. Otak is gd according to the rest who ate it. I didn’t get to try coz it was all finished ={  I quite like the curry potato but i wish the potato was softer but it’s still nice

  • Hiap Joo Bakery
  • 13 Jalan Tan Hiok Nee
  • 80000 JB
  • Tel: 07-223 1703 

For this place, try to come in bigger group so easier to share and can try more


Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching and now all kinds of mooncakes from hotels, restaurant & bakery shops are available already =) 

Actually i’m not really a fan of mooncakes until these 2 yrs then i slowly start to grow to like it. I like the yam paste (Or Nee) and snowskin kind =)  So yesterday i went down to Raffles Place to take a look since i was around the area. But i settle my dinner first as i’m getting hungry =)

Marmalade Pantry

Actually it’s my first time at Marmalade Pantry and since i chanced upon the outlet at Change Alley, i decide to try it. It was so nice and quiet as i was the only customer. Hee


While waiting i took notice of the beautiful full bloom white chrysanthemum flower on the table. It’s so nice right =)  I rem seeing a post in Xin Lian’s blog abt Wild Rocket and there was a similar flower.


I order Linguini With Crabmeat Tomato Chilli & Pinenuts =)  It’s quite gd! Gd combi for me. Hee! And i like the pinenuts… Goes well with the linguini & crabmeat

After dinner, i went on to buy the mooncakes =)  I decide to try the assorted snowskin ones from Goodwood Park and the yam paste mooncake from Peony Jade.

For those who like the yam paste mooncakes from the previous Crown Prince Hotel, the chef is now at Peony Jade =)


The assorted ones from Goodwood Park consist of Mango with Pomelo, Yam Paste with Red Dates, Durian Paste and Cempedak Paste. I quite like all except for yam which is too sweet for my liking.

A nice chiller bag was given with every purchase of the assorted snowskin mooncakes =)


Yam Paste Mooncakes from Peony Jade =)  It’s quite nice and it’s actually my first time trying out the very famous yam paste mooncake from the previous Crown Prince Hotel.

Recently i went to watch 12 Lotus with my 5th aunt, her hubby & also 2 other aunts =) 

It was quite a gd movie. I personally like it a lot. Kinda like the whole story plot which is abt “Lian Hua”. It’s like watching a hokkien musical =)  Esp after 881, it increased my interest abt getai. And these 2 movies, they make getai looks so glam with the nice costumes and singing.

My bro’s fren Wayne has the album for the songs that was featured in 12 Lotus. I’m going to borrow from him to download the songs =)  There’s a few songs which is very nice.

After movie, it was time to go for lunch. Since my 5th aunt n her hubby were with us, we will go for vegetarian food.

And we came to this store located at AMK. My 5th aunt and her hubby are frens with the stall owners. All of us order laksa except for my 5th aunt’s hubby who had mushroom noodles. Looks gd! =)  I shall try it next time.

The laksa is quite gd here =)  and they are very generous with the ingredients. Maybe it’s all thanks to my 5th aunt n her hubby. Hee

  • Kebun Baru Food Centre
  • Blk226H AMK Ave 3

As for dinner, i ask my 4th aunt if i can join them as i’m very keen to try the vegetarian food at Coronation Plaza. I’ve seen it on Xin Lian’s blog so i must at least try it once =)

Now as i type this entry, i’m already feeling hungry …. Haha


Let me roughly introduce what we have eaten =)

“Roasted Suckling Pig” This is so yummy. Inside is ” tau kee” and u wrap it with the cucumber & lettuce and add some sauce.  *drooling* and i wonder how they can make it so gd! I think i can try having 1 plate by myself. Hee

Curry – I forgot what curry is this! Chicken or mutton? Hee. But it’s gd too! The gravy goes well with rice + the lady fingers was nice and crunchy.

“Fan Shu Ye”  I forgot what it’s called in english. But i always like this vege dish and the one at Miao Yi didn’t disappoint me =)

“Fish With Mushroom”  Somehow i like mocked fish no matter it’s being prepared in what way. I like both the one at Miao Yi & Mai Zhi Su at AMK =)

There’s this dish which i can’t remember the name of it but it has “red head mushroom” in it =)  And with the dried chilli, it’s nice and spicy. Hee

Fried Prawn With Salad Sauce Must try if u r trying the food here

After the very satisfying meal, everyone proceed to Serene Centre for ice cream at Island Creamery! =) I was so happy coz i’ve been wanting to come here to try their ice cream.


I tried the Teh Tarik flavour and it was gd =)  They have a lot to choose from such as Tiger Beer, Horlicks, Pulut Hitam, Chendol and many more. I will like to come back again

I’m a HAPPY GAL after such a great day =)

  • Miao Yi Vegetarian Restaurant P/L
  • Coronation Shopping Plaza #03-01/02
  • 587 Bukit Timah Road
  • Tel: 6467 1511

24-08-08 (Sun)

I was so looking forward to this day with my cousin Xin Lian =)  Thanks to her for inviting me along for this spa session at Spa Esprit, Dempsey. She won 1st prize during the “Big Bake-Off” event and the spa vouchers were part of the prize. So proud of her =)


Anyway after Xin Lian was done at church, she and her parents came to pick me up for brunch. We had yummy prawn noodle and i finish up all the soup. Hee


Me & Xin Lian waiting for our room to be prepared for the Hot Stone Massage

While waiting, we have some ginger tea sitting on the cute comfy sofa and looking at the greenery around us. I feel so at peace

It’s the 2nd time i had hot stone massage and the one at Spa Esprit, Dempsey was GREAT!!! =)  I truly enjoyed the whole spa session. And since we were having the 90 mins session, a foot ritual was included too. So relaxing….

Love this bath tub, imagine soaking in it and relax… Shiok ah!

After we got changed, we were brought to this cosy corner to relax and have a cup of ginger tea.

I luv everything at Spa Esprit, Dempsey… It just makes me feels totally relaxed. And the cushions that i sat on in tis pic was so nice. Just laze around, have some ginger tea and enjoy the view.

So after the pampering spa session, we decide to proceed on to the Barracks Cafe.


As Xin Lian has a voucher for a free Muah Muah Tea , i decide to have this while Xin Lian chose the White Rose Tea.


We also ordered Churros and Warm Chocolate Toffee Cake to share =)  It’s nice to indulge like this once in a while. As it was raining, it felt extra gd to have a cup of hot tea in a nice ambience with my cousin chatting away…

For those who are keen to come here, u should try the Strawberry Shortcake , it’s really good as both Xin Lian and i tried it before =)

Even though i’ve thank you already but i really appreciate it that u ask me along for this great spa massage with you =)  And i really had a great day…. All thanks to you!

But the day has not ended yet. As my 5th aunt came back for a short visit so everyone be having dinner with her and her hubby =)  So after spa, my dear 4th aunt came to pick us up and i followed them home to rest before we go for dinner =)

They got 2 adorable dogs at home and they are Drummer & Sky!


I luv how Drummer looks in this pic. So cute! =)

Next is Dinner Time!!

As my 5th aunt and her hubby are vegetarians, whenever thay are back, we will bring them to Mai Zhi Su Vege Health Station at AMK for a meal. I hope by featuring this place in my blog, it can provide more choice for those are vegetarians =)


We ordered Abalone Mushroom , “Frog Legs” , Pork Ribs” , “Assam Fish” , Wantan Soup , Kang Kong , Tofu Dish

It’s nice to have a vegetarian meal sometimes =)  The taste is not bad at all. My personal favourites are the assam fish and wantan soup. Cereal prawns are nice too. We always order these 3 dishes

But this time we order something different too. Like the “frog legs” are nice too and they did the kang kong very well too =)

Anyway i luv this weekend…. Nice food with good company =)  If only every weekend can be like this. Hee.

  • Mai Zhi Su Vege Health Station
  • Blk 128 AMK Ave 3 St. 12
  • #01-1853
  • Tel: 6456 3307

23-8-08 (Sat)

The initial plans for sat was to go to Aramsa Spa with Grace as there was a UOB promo. But i book kinda late so couldn’t get a slot so it will be postponed to another time =)  So off we go to Tao’s Restaurant for lunch. Thought it be a great idea to introduce Grace to this place

This is my 3rd time to Tao’s and it’s still good =)  I had introduce this place to my cousin Xin Lian and other friends and i’ve got good feedbacks from them. Price wise and service, Tao’s is always a good choice =)


Starters – bacon & mushroom gratin. The bread to go with the gratin. It’s a great combination… Yummy!!! I luv this

Up next… We had Salads


 Fruit Salad & Prawn Roll With Pork Floss. The prawn roll was a new item on the menu and it taste pretty gd!

While waiting for the rest of the food to come, i took a pic of this. I never really take note of the lightings before. I think it was at Xin Lian’s blog where she mention abt it so this time i decide to take a closer look =)  Isn’t it nice?



I had the cream of mushroom. For my previous 2 visits to Tao’s, i also had this =) Grace had cream of pumpkin


My ice rose apple tea =)  I like the drinks they serve here. Nice and refreshing! N u can see bits of rose buds and slices of apples in the tea pot.

Main Entrees


  I chose the grilled snapper with japanese sauce. First time having this =)  The fish is fresh and kinda thick. Portion just nice and i kinda like the japanese sauce that goes with the fish.

 Grace had the oven roasted steak. Glad she like her main course =)  She let me tried a bit and it was gd!


Finally we are having the Desserts


Both Grace and i had the choc fondue. It’s also a new addtion to the menu so i had to try it. Even though the portion may look small at first but actually i find it just nice. We enjoyed this

Hey Grace… Hope ur mum and grandma will like this place if you are bringing them to Tao’s =)

After the yummy lunch, we walked to PS for some shopping + we had another mission! =)  There’s a contest by Kotex where u can submit a pic of u n ur fren enjoying something together. And there was a roadshow at PS where they can help to take pics for us.

Grace was so ON lah but i was getting pai seh as we approach the booth. Haha. But luckily still manage to take a decent pic. So VOTE for us pls =)  U can find the link on my recent post. Hee


The above pic was taken at Starbucks where we stop for drinks and rest after shopping (we manage to get some clothes with gd discount =)  Happy happy). We got this girl to take for us so i can also submit a pic for the contest under my name =)  It turns out quite well… Hee. I suggested to Grace that we should take a pic with the freebies that we got from the roadshow to show how much we LUV KOTEX !!! Haha

Time flies and soon it was dinner time. We decide to have something simple so we tapao fishball noodle back to Grace’s studio. It’s my first time coming to the studio and i really enjoy the peace and quiet while i chat n enjoy the dinner with Grace.

I guess i was hungry as i finished up all the noodle. I find it nice and the fishball are fresh, no fishy taste. And the uncle was quite generous with the portion! Makes me happy as i luv fishball noodles =)  And pair it with a cup of hot green tea, it makes a balanced meal.

I luv this weekend =)  Tmr is Spa Day with Xin Lian… Yeah!!

  • Tao’s Restaurant
  • b1-19 paradiz centre
  • Tel: 6339-8858     


Hey everyone…. Recently Grace & i took part in this contest. I hope u can vote for us ok. Hee =)  


This is my entry


This was sent by Grace

I’m not quite sure how to post the link in my blog so this is what i could do only. Hee =)  Pls support ok. Thanks everyone

Phylicia & i had this habit of meeting up once in a while on fri to go to ECP. Cause her hubby always go for soccer with his friends. And we will like to take a stroll while waiting for her hubby to be done with soccer then go for dinner.

But today was raining so he didn’t go. So we decide to drive to Changi Airport for a meal. Since Phy’s hubby was tired, he end up resting at home.  

As the airport was not so crowded compare to town area, it was actually kinda nice to have a nice quiet meal. And i managed to have a gd chat with Phy. I was telling her that we should do this once in a while =)

When we reach T2, we decide to settle our meal at Crystal Jade


I had roasted duck noodle & we also order a fried eggplant dish. Taste alrite and we won’t order this again. We prefer the eggplant with minced meat sauce served in claypot one =)

After dinner, we walked around to digest a bit. Penelopy was having fun… So happy to see her enjoying herself. And i manage to do some catching up with Phy =)  Nowadays she’s busy with her work and baby so can’t be so carefree like before. So i treasure all the outings with her and i’m glad despite having a baby now, our friendship still remain strong =)


And since Penelopy was in a gd mood, i quickly get Phy to help me take some pics =)  I quite like the 2nd pic. Her expression looks so cute. Luv u lah!! Hugz =)

It was a great outing with the both of u. Hope to see u soon again Phy =) 


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