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Yummy Home Cooked Fish Porridge

Posted on: August 10, 2008

Tonite my parents are going out for dinner that’s for the 7th mth thingy. Since i wasn’t too keen to go, i decide to stay at home and my dear ah ma cooked fish porridge for the both of us! =)  My dear bro was out at sentosa having a romantic time with angeline. Hee


My ah ma is very generous with the ingredients and it makes me very happy. I’m a meat lover + i luv fish too =)

And she’s very particular abt the stock and she always prepare nice chicken stock for the porridge. Giving it a nice sweet taste to it! Yum yum…

And before i start my meal, i must put some of the “Chang Tou You”. Makes a difference for me. My ah ma knows i like this n will always remind me to put some =)  I should learn how to cook this. In case in future i’n old and still single, this will be a simple and good dish to prepare =)

Tanx for preparing dinner for me Ah Ma. I still luv u even though u r very naggy =)

P.S: Hey cousins, sorry abt today outing. Hope u guys enjoyed the meal and shopping. Will definitely join ya for the next one =)  Tanx for organizing Gladys. And Xin Lian… Take gd care and hope everything goes well in ur teaching job =)  Hugz


2 Responses to "Yummy Home Cooked Fish Porridge"

Nice porridge…similar to my mum that is doing the cooking…

u have a nice blog..v nice for me to search some yummy food…thanks

Tanx for the compliments =)

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