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Wedding Gifts

Posted on: August 13, 2008

Hi… Does anyone know od any shops in S’pore that does laser engraving on photo frames? I intend to get it done for 2 frens as a gift for their wedding.
I’ve seen some nice ones on a US website. These are my favourites =)

Nice?? =)  I’m thinking if i can’t find any shops in s’pore that do this, should i order from this US website? I’m a bit apprehensive abt using my credit card to order coz i’ve not try getting anything from online websites like this. How ah?


The more i look at the photo frames, the more i like it =)  This is something additional which i want to give them beside the red packet. I’ve had a long friendship with this 2 gd frens and i just want to get them sth nice and meaningful =)

Btw for those who want to get sth different for fren’s wedding, can consider this website too


I got this done for a gd fren Wenhui ROM last yr. I tot it’s kinda sweet and she can also display this in her new home too =)  Hee.

Hope by sharing this info, can help those who are looking for unique wedding gifts =)


2 Responses to "Wedding Gifts"

They’re really lovely gifts. The photo frames are a great idea especially, because they’re something the couple can cherish always. I found some unique wedding gifts too. Here: culinary concepts. If you’ve got a high budget, these make really nice gifts, though not as unique as the photo frames perhaps!! 🙂

Hi starry21 =) Thanks for the recommendation. I will check out the website soon

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