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Gathering With Sec Sch Frens @ Tonkichi

Posted on: August 19, 2008

Recently i arranged a gathering on sun with my sec sch frens at Tonkichi =)  I was happy everyone can make it for this dinner except for Jane. Hope u can join us for the next one ok. This time i also invited the guys (my fren’s hubby) along. It was nice as i tot the guys can chat together while we gals chat abt our own stuff. Hee


I had Rosu Katsu Curry – Deep fried pork loin

Anyway dinner was gd but i guess it’s better to share if u r not a big eater =)  I’ve been to Tonkichi a few times but usually i share n i find it better. I rem once i order a raman set with Tonkatsu and i can’t finish the tonkatsu as the portion of the ramen was quite big already. Well sometimes i can get greedy and just want to eat more. Hee

And how can i not take pics with my frens that nite!!! =)


Tanx to all for taking the effort to come =)  It was great to catch up with everyone.

I hope next time there be full attandance including Liqing’s hubby and baby Clarice and also Jane =)

After dinner, Vincent and Wileen gave Liping, Liqing & i a lift to Kovan. Upon reaching, Liping said she feel thirsty so i suggest we go over to Xin Wang HK Cafe opposite the road to have a drink and chat a bit more.


I kinda like how Liqing smile in the pic taken with Liping coz she tends to close her eyes when she’s taking pics. I manage to take this pic after a few times. Hee

It’s gd to have this group of frens ard me. Even though we are all grown up and busy with our own life, work,etc… I hope we will alwiz remain so close =)

  • Tonkichi – Isetan Scotts
  • 4th Level
  • Tel: 6835 4648





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