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Lousy Steamboat @ Sunset Way

Posted on: August 20, 2008

Recently went to Sunset Way wanting to try 2 restaurant “Grill Out” for main course and “Peaberry & Pretzel” for desserts. I’ve seen both places being featured in others n also my cousin’s blog… Looks really gd! And my bro was toking abt it too =)

But too bad… ={   Both places are closed on mon and after walking around for a while, i was attracted to this place “Fortune Cuisine Charcoal Bbq & Steamboat“. Judging from what the crowd was eating, i was tempted to try.

Before u start, the whole spread looks quite promising. There’s a bit of jap sushi, tempura, fried stuff and bee hoon, etc. They also have bbq and if u r sitted inside, u can choose the stuff u wan to bbq and the staff will do it for u. If u choose to sit outside, u will bbq it yourself

For the soup, tom yum and chicken were chosen. Usually i enjoy drinking the soup but the ones they serve here really dun taste that gd. Usually chicken stock will taste sweeter as u put more ingredients to cook but not the one over here. As for tom yum, not so nice to drink too. Instead i like to cook the food in here for a bit of the spicy taste



I kinda like the sliced beef and pork here. Really nice and tender!

And the chilli sauce they serve here is quite power! I like spicy stuff and i luv chili but this one is too hot for my liking.

For the satay! I had chicken and pork one. They bbq it quite well here and the meat is very tender =)

The prawns are alright and crayfish are so so only. In my opinion, scallops are not nice.


The “Or Nee” tasted cold already when i took some to try. Not nice at all

Honeydew Sago. Taste kinda artificial ={  Not much sago.

WelL the desserts sucks. For $23.80++ i don’t think it’s worth it at all for the quality of the food.


3 Responses to "Lousy Steamboat @ Sunset Way"

hav seen this restaurant b4..i’ve heard not v gd comments on it so nvr try…and ur post sort of affirmed this..haha..

anyway if u got chance to try desserts at Peaberry & Pretzel, do try the Panna Cotta..is really yummilicious!

Hey Jean…. DON”T try this steamboat. Really waste $$$!! Haha.

Btw tanx for ur recommendation for the dessert =) I’m definitely going back to sunset way for Peaberry & Pretzel and Grill Out. Hee

Btw have u try Grill Out b4? I chanced upon someone’s blog and based on the food she featured, looks yummy leh =)

nvr try Grill Out b4 leh..cos i dun like the stink on the clothes after eating..haha..

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