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At T2 With Phy & Penelopy =)

Posted on: August 22, 2008

Phylicia & i had this habit of meeting up once in a while on fri to go to ECP. Cause her hubby always go for soccer with his friends. And we will like to take a stroll while waiting for her hubby to be done with soccer then go for dinner.

But today was raining so he didn’t go. So we decide to drive to Changi Airport for a meal. Since Phy’s hubby was tired, he end up resting at home.  

As the airport was not so crowded compare to town area, it was actually kinda nice to have a nice quiet meal. And i managed to have a gd chat with Phy. I was telling her that we should do this once in a while =)

When we reach T2, we decide to settle our meal at Crystal Jade


I had roasted duck noodle & we also order a fried eggplant dish. Taste alrite and we won’t order this again. We prefer the eggplant with minced meat sauce served in claypot one =)

After dinner, we walked around to digest a bit. Penelopy was having fun… So happy to see her enjoying herself. And i manage to do some catching up with Phy =)  Nowadays she’s busy with her work and baby so can’t be so carefree like before. So i treasure all the outings with her and i’m glad despite having a baby now, our friendship still remain strong =)


And since Penelopy was in a gd mood, i quickly get Phy to help me take some pics =)  I quite like the 2nd pic. Her expression looks so cute. Luv u lah!! Hugz =)

It was a great outing with the both of u. Hope to see u soon again Phy =) 


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