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Great Weekend – Part 1 =)

Posted on: August 26, 2008

23-8-08 (Sat)

The initial plans for sat was to go to Aramsa Spa with Grace as there was a UOB promo. But i book kinda late so couldn’t get a slot so it will be postponed to another time =)  So off we go to Tao’s Restaurant for lunch. Thought it be a great idea to introduce Grace to this place

This is my 3rd time to Tao’s and it’s still good =)  I had introduce this place to my cousin Xin Lian and other friends and i’ve got good feedbacks from them. Price wise and service, Tao’s is always a good choice =)


Starters – bacon & mushroom gratin. The bread to go with the gratin. It’s a great combination… Yummy!!! I luv this

Up next… We had Salads


 Fruit Salad & Prawn Roll With Pork Floss. The prawn roll was a new item on the menu and it taste pretty gd!

While waiting for the rest of the food to come, i took a pic of this. I never really take note of the lightings before. I think it was at Xin Lian’s blog where she mention abt it so this time i decide to take a closer look =)  Isn’t it nice?



I had the cream of mushroom. For my previous 2 visits to Tao’s, i also had this =) Grace had cream of pumpkin


My ice rose apple tea =)  I like the drinks they serve here. Nice and refreshing! N u can see bits of rose buds and slices of apples in the tea pot.

Main Entrees


  I chose the grilled snapper with japanese sauce. First time having this =)  The fish is fresh and kinda thick. Portion just nice and i kinda like the japanese sauce that goes with the fish.

 Grace had the oven roasted steak. Glad she like her main course =)  She let me tried a bit and it was gd!


Finally we are having the Desserts


Both Grace and i had the choc fondue. It’s also a new addtion to the menu so i had to try it. Even though the portion may look small at first but actually i find it just nice. We enjoyed this

Hey Grace… Hope ur mum and grandma will like this place if you are bringing them to Tao’s =)

After the yummy lunch, we walked to PS for some shopping + we had another mission! =)  There’s a contest by Kotex where u can submit a pic of u n ur fren enjoying something together. And there was a roadshow at PS where they can help to take pics for us.

Grace was so ON lah but i was getting pai seh as we approach the booth. Haha. But luckily still manage to take a decent pic. So VOTE for us pls =)  U can find the link on my recent post. Hee


The above pic was taken at Starbucks where we stop for drinks and rest after shopping (we manage to get some clothes with gd discount =)  Happy happy). We got this girl to take for us so i can also submit a pic for the contest under my name =)  It turns out quite well… Hee. I suggested to Grace that we should take a pic with the freebies that we got from the roadshow to show how much we LUV KOTEX !!! Haha

Time flies and soon it was dinner time. We decide to have something simple so we tapao fishball noodle back to Grace’s studio. It’s my first time coming to the studio and i really enjoy the peace and quiet while i chat n enjoy the dinner with Grace.

I guess i was hungry as i finished up all the noodle. I find it nice and the fishball are fresh, no fishy taste. And the uncle was quite generous with the portion! Makes me happy as i luv fishball noodles =)  And pair it with a cup of hot green tea, it makes a balanced meal.

I luv this weekend =)  Tmr is Spa Day with Xin Lian… Yeah!!

  • Tao’s Restaurant
  • b1-19 paradiz centre
  • Tel: 6339-8858     



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