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Marmalade Pantry & Mooncakes =)

Posted on: August 28, 2008

Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching and now all kinds of mooncakes from hotels, restaurant & bakery shops are available already =) 

Actually i’m not really a fan of mooncakes until these 2 yrs then i slowly start to grow to like it. I like the yam paste (Or Nee) and snowskin kind =)  So yesterday i went down to Raffles Place to take a look since i was around the area. But i settle my dinner first as i’m getting hungry =)

Marmalade Pantry

Actually it’s my first time at Marmalade Pantry and since i chanced upon the outlet at Change Alley, i decide to try it. It was so nice and quiet as i was the only customer. Hee


While waiting i took notice of the beautiful full bloom white chrysanthemum flower on the table. It’s so nice right =)  I rem seeing a post in Xin Lian’s blog abt Wild Rocket and there was a similar flower.


I order Linguini With Crabmeat Tomato Chilli & Pinenuts =)  It’s quite gd! Gd combi for me. Hee! And i like the pinenuts… Goes well with the linguini & crabmeat

After dinner, i went on to buy the mooncakes =)  I decide to try the assorted snowskin ones from Goodwood Park and the yam paste mooncake from Peony Jade.

For those who like the yam paste mooncakes from the previous Crown Prince Hotel, the chef is now at Peony Jade =)


The assorted ones from Goodwood Park consist of Mango with Pomelo, Yam Paste with Red Dates, Durian Paste and Cempedak Paste. I quite like all except for yam which is too sweet for my liking.

A nice chiller bag was given with every purchase of the assorted snowskin mooncakes =)


Yam Paste Mooncakes from Peony Jade =)  It’s quite nice and it’s actually my first time trying out the very famous yam paste mooncake from the previous Crown Prince Hotel.


2 Responses to "Marmalade Pantry & Mooncakes =)"

WAHHH! marmalade pantry! (: hehe I wanna try man. haha where is it ah? hehe should try TOast!

Hey Xin Lian… Marmalade Pantry has 3 outlets – Palais Renaissance Unit B1-08 to 11 , Hitachi Tower Unit 01-04 (the one i went to) , Lorong Liput (this shld be HV?) Unit 17D =)

They have a website. U can view the menu! Hee

N YES… I will definitely try the food at Toast =)

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