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Durians & Yummy Food At JB!

Posted on: August 29, 2008

I’ve always enjoy going to JB for good food with reasonable pricing =)  But for those who are reading this post and also happened to know my dad, PLEASE DON’T LET HIM KNOW I GO TO JB!!! Haha…. Coz he don’t like lah as he thinks it’s not safe.

Anyway recently i got the chance to go to JB to get some durians and to try out this place that was introduced by Channel 8 =) 

1st Stop – Durians


Ok…. I’m not gd with the names of the different range of durians! I only eat…. Hee! Anyway the ones shown in the pics are the Sultan durians. Seems like Mao Shan Wang are not available now till dec if i rememeber correctly. It’s nice… Lotsa flesh with bitter sweet taste =)

Got to know this place through my bro’s friend Wayne and he helped to get some recently. As everyone who tried it like it so deicde to drop by to get some

  • Everyday Commocity Trading Co (It’s beside this Bak Kut Teh stall)
  • 9 Jalan Sutera Satu, Taman Sentosa
  • 80150 JB
  • Tel: 016-766 7298 (Ah Wei)

2nd Stop – Ban Heong Seng Restaurant

This place was introduced by Channel 8 before. The show was hosted by Chen Liping & Cynthia Koh =)  As Xin Lian and her family tried it before and they gave gd reviews, all the more i want to try =)

Btw there’s this signboard which was very interesting. 1 signboard but 2 different wordings on both side. Haha

This should be the correct one. At this point, we turn right in and we will reach the place already. It’s the first house on your right.

I took this after we turn right and this is you will see. Hee. Can be quite misleading if u are driving around and trying to find your way

This is how the place looks like =) 

And finally it’s MAKAN time!!! =)


Enjoy some yummy “Ah Char” while waiting for the food

I luv chilli so it’s a must have =)  I like to dip the chicken and fish dish that i’m having later into this chilli. Hee


Both the Beggar Chicken & Glutinous Oyster Rice are prepared in this way. They will be cooked like this for 8 hrs. So if u r coming here to eat, pls & must call at least 1 DAY in advance to order =)


Beggar Chicken & Glutinous Oyster Rice are so yummy!


Tung Hoon & Country Fish =)  The tung hoon taste pretty good. As for the country fish, it quite an unique dish. I’m not sure how they do it but it looks like fishcake for the inner part and crispy on the outside. Really not bad =)

And for those who are driving there for the first time, u may have a hard time finding the place. I heard sometimes even the locals don’t really know this place. So maybe keep a lookout for Danga Bay. According to my cousin blog, Danga Bay is just opposite Ban Heong Seng Restaurant =)  And Danga Bay is a newly developed place where they have alot of restaurants and small shops. So u guys maybe can explore this place too =)

  • Ban Heong Seng Restaurant
  • 34-B Jalan Skudai, Batu 3 1/4
  • Off Tahar, 80200 JB
  • Tel: 07-237 5194
  • HP: 016-757 1887

 3rd Stop – Hiap Joo Bakery


 Next we proceed on to this bakery shop to get some of their popular bread before going back to s’pore =)

And this is where they do all the baking in the traditonal way & you will get freshly baked bread all displayed out for you to choose =) 

As i was kinda full by the time i reach here, so i wasn’t keen to try the bread. But luckily i took pics of the “menu” and now i’m feeling hungry. Haha. At least i know what i want to try next time – Custard, Cheese, Sardine, Chicken Potato & Banana Cake =)

Bought some bread home to try – Curry Potato, Kaya, Otak and Coconut. Otak is gd according to the rest who ate it. I didn’t get to try coz it was all finished ={  I quite like the curry potato but i wish the potato was softer but it’s still nice

  • Hiap Joo Bakery
  • 13 Jalan Tan Hiok Nee
  • 80000 JB
  • Tel: 07-223 1703 

For this place, try to come in bigger group so easier to share and can try more


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