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24-09-08 (Wed)

Recently i just came back from my Bali trip =)  Thanks to Women’s Weekly where i won a 4D3N stay at Spa Village Resort Tembok Bali. It was such a wonderful place and i’m missing the place now =)

It’s my first time to Bali and i was really looking forward to it =) 

For my package, it’s inclusive of 3 nights accomodation, all 3 meals, airport transfers & 1 spa treatment for me & my companion.

But i didn’t expect it to be so hard to get the air tickets. I tried SQ, Garuda & Jetstar but got problems with either the timings or date.

Until my brother told me about Lion Air (Indonesia budget airline). I must say i do have my concerns at first but after asking around, seems to be ok according to those who had taken Lion Air before. Morever the timings are good – 6am & 12am (2 timings only).

Btw if u are going to try this airline, please take note of the date when u do the booking. Because of my careless mistake, it became a 3D2N trip ={   Sorry Jeannie!!!

Anyway i was so excited when the day comes!!! =)  Thanks to my bro who fetch me & Jeannie to the airport. Hugz!!


Jeannie & i at Terminal 1 Coffee Bean =) 

Our’s was a 6.20am flight and since we were early, we went for some drinks first.


Finally it’s time to board the plane. To be honest i was kinda nervous! Haha

I was really SURPRISED when they start serving meals to the everyone!! Taste is alright only but not so bad for a budget airline. Btw i paid $205 for my air ticket to Bali

Nice right?? =)  One of the advantage of taking an early flight is being able to witness this.

Volcano?? It’s the first time i’m seeing one so up-close

Reaching Bali… Yeah!! =)

The car ride to the resort was 3 hours and thank god the whole car was a comfy one. Hee! And i manage to sleep quite a lot in the car.


When we arrived at the resort, we were given a foot ritual

And also nice cool towels & refreshing watermelon juice! Shiok… =)

This is where i be staying =)  More pics to show the interior of my room


The whole room is so cosy!! I like…. =)

The view i get from my room…. All i can say is Wow! =)

I can’t believe i’m finally here =)

Anyway we were getting hungry and we reached just in time for lunch!!

The view i get when i have my meals at The Wantilan Restaurant

This is given to us at every start of a meal (breakfast, lunch & dinner) and for the shooter glass, there will be something different all the time =)


Yummy lunch!! =)

One of my favourite spot at the resort

After exploring around the place, we went swimming before going back to our room to rest and shower. I luv this place – a gd place to come for some peace and quiet =)

I was pleasantly surprised that they provide speakers for ipod =)  Luckily Jeannie brought her ipod along so we can enjoy some nice music

Enjoying some tea! Bali night time seems to come pretty fast… Around 6.30-40pm? And there was only abt 6-7 couples including us staying at the 31 rooms resort. But when comes to night time, u don’t feel creepy or what. Just peacefulness around u =)

The dining area during night time


It’s dinner time

Dinner was good! Very healthy and fish is fresh =)

Actually the resort provides different kinds of activities throughout the day. But i guess not all appeals to me & Jeannie. But tonight we went for star gazing =)  We lay on a floating bed  and was given a mp3 to listen to soothing music as we looked at the stars

Great experience and it’s the first time i see so many stars so clearly in such a tranquil surroundings =)

We were given a nice surprise when we went back to our room =) So sweet isn’t it

What a nice sweet way to end my first night at the resort =)

Look out for Part 2 of my Bali trip!!


27-09-08 (Sat)

There was a promo by Simply Her for a massage & body scrub ($48) at Wellness Village. So Xin Lian & i decide to try it together =)  We were suppose to have it on 20th Sep but i kana my menus so have to postpone it. So sorry ah Xin Lian!

Our appt was at 4.30pm at the Marina Square branch. Great timing as i just came back from Bali in the morning ard 3+am. So luckily i got sufficent time to rest first =)

As usual, before any spa treatment starts, we will rest in the lounge first and fill up a form for new customers. The whole area was kinda nice

Before we start, we were told this will be a relaxing massage and i was so looking forward to it. I’m the kind who can take light massage only so the word “relaxing” sounds gd

Maybe i got sunburn so my therapist was quite gentle with my scrub. But according to Xin Lian, her’s was quite rough, the therapist was like using a lot of strength to give her a thorough scrub!

Massage itself was too hard for my liking despite me stating in the form that i prefer light massage. But i was so tired and “Nua” from my Bali trip that i couldn’t bother to tell my therapist about it! Xin Lian also find the massage too hard for her. Quite a disappointment!! And the bed was not warm too!!

After massage, we decide to walk over to Suntec for dinner. As i was very keen to try the soba that Xin Lian had at Paragon and since they had a branch at Suntec, it would be the best choice.

But i was a bit disappointed with this Suntec branch as it’s kinda different from Paragon (main focus is on soba). Suntec branch is mixed with the usual Japanese food lor.

But it’s ok as i shall go to the Paragon branch another time =)  I’m just glad i got Xin Lian for company and we had a good chat during dinner!


Looks gd and taste gd!! =)  Love my set meal & I’m glad i’ve learn to appreciate sashimi. Hee


Both of us enjoying our set meal

Usually i hate walking from Suntec to City Hall mrt station as the distance can be kinda long. But after such a yummy dinner + big tummy, i don’t mind walking =) 

And that night i went to stay over at Xin Lian’s place. Hee! When all the cousins were young, we enjoy going to each other house to stay over and had so much fun =)  Kinda miss those days lah. And i’m glad i did it this time as it was really fun as we chit chat about everything

Xin Lian…. Gonna miss u when u go back to Melbourne! Hugz

Look at Drummer! Hee. I took this pic when i was chatting with my 4th aunt in her room. Drummer makes herself so comfortable on the bed lah! So cute when i see this =)

And this is Sky! Isn’t he photogenic =)  He was in a gd mood that night and did not bark at me. Hee

Look at Drummer fur! So think and curly…. Makes her looks kinda big! Hee. I was so amused when i see her walking around the house =)

Xin Lian… Thanks for another great outing =)  It’s always great to hang out with u! Shall see u and the rest at my house on wed lah

I just came back on time from my Bali trip to witness this on TV.

First night race ever for F1 history and it was in Singapore =) 


All along i’m not really interested in the F1 thing. Especially when i was at Marina Square on sat to meet my cousin for spa and dinner. The drivers should be doing their practice and the loud noise really kinda irritates my ears. And i was already quite turned off by F1 race cars liao

Until last night, when the final race was about to start and i saw my dad watching it so i join him. Maybe when u watch it in a comfortable environment, it’s not so bad after all =)  And after all being Singapore hosting the first night race, i’m was keen to see how the whole race will go.

And i end up getting excited and was asking my dad questions abt F1 race. Hee! And it was nice to bond with my dad as we watch tv together =)  As it’s considered my first time watching F1 race, i was really not familiar with the teams and drivers except for one!

Isn’t he charming =)

Anyway i think it was a good race and Singapore did a great job despite having only 10 months to plan this whole event. For us hosting it for the first time, i can say i’m proud of all who was involved in this event =)  Thumbs up for all the hard work in making the night race a success!!

Congrats to Alonso for his win on the first night race!

Grace’s actual birthday was actually on 19th =)  But she was busy when i asked her out a week before her birthday so it was postponed till yesterday. 

And we went to the Saltwater Cafe at the Changi Village Hotel =)  UOB was having a 1 for 1 promo so we went to try out the sunday brunch.

Some pictures of the food from the buffet


There was a sashimi counter so Grace & i took some salmon and it was not bad. It was fresh

And i must admit that what made me go the popiah counter was due to the guy who was making the popiah! Hahaha. Not bad looking mah =)  But the popiah itself is not bad too

I enjoyed the laksa =)  The gravy is not bad. But i took it towards the end of the buffet so not much ingredients left.

As for the desserts, it’s good enough for me =)  I like chocolate and personally i like the choc cake. The other 2 items that i took are good too. A nice sweet way to end the buffet =)

The whole buffet is quite alright. Not a wide spread but still decent enough =)  Worth trying if there’s 1 for 1 offer. For the brunch is $36++

And if u want to avoid the crowd at town area, Changi Village Hotel is worth considering =)

The view i get =)  It’s nice and u can read ur papers or bring along ur favourite book (like what Grace did) to read when u r taking a break from the buffet and enjoy some tea/coffee =)


The area for the whole buffet =)  It’s looks empty coz it’s near closing time. When i just reach, all the tables were filled with people. Luckily i’ve made a reservation =)

Saw this when i went to the washroom =)  I like how the “Ladies” sign is being presented

Happy Birthday Grace!! =)  May all your wishes comes true! May u be blessed with lotsa luv and happiness. Hugz

  • Saltwater Cafe
  • Changi Village Hotel, Lobby Level
  • Tel: 6379 7018

Now i’m looking forward to my Bali trip =)  I be leaving on wed AM. Hope it be fun! Hee

Be back soon to update on my Bali trip!!!


I meet up with my bestie pretty often. At least once or twice per mth, we will go and enjoy a meal together and do some catching up  =)  No matter where we go, it’s always a joy to go with her as i truly enjoy her company.

Usually Penelopy will follow so for our choice of places, we have to make sure there’s something suitable for the baby.

First Meet Up 

Phy & i enjoy going to Swensen’s for breakfast but this time we went for the set lunch at the J8 outlet. It’s quite worth it as it consist of a soup of the day, coffee/tea & dessert when u order any of their pasta or main course =)


While waiting for the food to come, Penelopy was kept entertained with some drawings with coloured pencils.


Main course – Chilli Fish Pasta. I’m a pasta lover so i like this dish. The fried fish is quite nice too

Dessert – Mooncake Ice Cream. I was kinda keen to see what dessert they will serve but instead i see this. I guess it’s the leftovers from the Mid Autumn Festival so they are trying to clear it. Anyway i don’t like the skin part but the ice cream is not bad. Taste like chendol flavour to me

After lunch, we walked around J8 and we had to stop for something.

See her HAPPY face!!! =)  Penelopy luv Barney lah! Hehe

After J8, we went back to Phy’s mum place.

Everytime i walked into the house, i be greeted by the 3 jack russells =)

Me trying to take a pic with Penelopy but she was more focused on the dogs =)

Penelopy is very fortunate to have lotsa people doting on her and this toy car is from her grandpa =) Look how happy she is….

When it comes to evening, we proceed on to east coast. So Phy’s hubby go for his soccer while we take a stroll.


Look at the view =)  I’ve not been to east coast for quite some time and it felt great to breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the view. Great feeling.

Guess all the walking makes me feel hungry and i was really starving when it’s dinner time and i can’t wait to eat! Haha =)


I had this promo set meal and it’s yummy =)

The sauce goes well with the rice and i luv the pork belly. I luv meat with some fats!! Hee

After dinner, we went on for desserts at Serangoon Garden =)


It’s my 2nd time here and i opt for the Black Glutinous Rice With Mango. Not bad and it’s very refreshing =)

The mango are very sweet and they are quite generous with the portion =)


2nd Meet Up

Our initial plan was to go for the Metro Sale together but we were kinda tired so decide to skip this sale. Anyway tanx to my cousin Xin Lian for helping to get my Clarins sunblock.

Since we are tired and didn’t want to drive till too far, i suggest to Phy Canopy at Bishan Park for lunch.

Took a pic with Penelopy before we go to Bishan Park =)  She was in a very mood and was very happy to pose for a pic with me. Hee


Buttermilk Pancakes With Bananas

I top up another $2 to get the ice cream for Penelopy and am glad that she enjoyed it with the pancake.

Seafood Risotto With Prawns, Squid & Snapper – This is nice! =) 

Penelopy looks like she’s staring at me. Haha

Even though Pny & i shared the pancakes & seafood risotto, it’s actually enough to makes us full. So we just end the meal with dessert and some hot drinks =)

This is me enjoying my cafe latte =)  Phy had english breakfast

Halzenut Meringue Cake. It’s not bad but the top part is very sweet so i scrape it away.

Then it’s back to Phy’s mum place again. For Penelopy to rest and play, for me to rest (i was tired) and Phy to prepare a feast as she’s cooking dinner leh =)  Poor thing… She was tired too but took an effort to cook. Tanx Phy! Hugz… =)


As usual, i enjoy taking pics for the little one =)

I was very amused by the bottom left pic. She was playing with her Barney cup and i was saying something to her and she kept laughing.

My favourite pic of Penelopy is the bottom right one! =)  She look so dainty and cute with her expression.

I was so looking forward to dinner time and Tadah….


Looks gd and taste gd!! =)  Tanx for the dinner Phy! I feel so blessed to have u as my bestie… 

14th Sep’08

Today is a extra special day for my good friend Petrina =)  She held her wedding dinner at The Regent. As it was also the Mid Autumn Festival, i thought it holds a special meaning on this day with all friends and relatives together to celebrate this joyous occasion together with the couple =)

 It’s my first time at The Regent for a wedding and Petrina’s wedding dinner was held at the Royal Pavilion ballroom. I kinda like the reception area and the surrounding was filled with nice comfy sofa. Good for guests who want to sit down and enjoy a drink during the cocktail reception =)

This is Petrina’s sister Clarissa =)  It’s been so long since i last seen her. I remember she was only 8 when i went to her house for a visit many years ago. And look at her now…. Such a sweet looking lady! =)  I was really glad to see her

Next to us are Petrina’s parents =)  It was great to do some catching up with them too. And Petrina’s mum still looks the same. Seems like she didn’t age at all =)  Must ask her for some tips on how to maintain. Hee. As for Petrina’s dad, he’s still looking gd too… Very nice and charming.

Soon it was time to go into the ballroom and i was so eager to see Petrina =) 

And finally the couple appeared! =)  Petrina and Weng Hoe look so compatible together and she looks stunning in her wedding gown and i love the design. Too bad i didn’t manage to take a picture of her whole gown

During the dinner, i notice there was a magician walking around to all the tables performing some tricks. I think it’s quite a good idea for weddings as it can be kinda entertaining =)

Isn’t she gorgeous!!! =) I was so happy to manage to take a picture with Petrina =)  I was sitting at the table that was near to the main entrance. So happened someone open the door and i saw Petrina standing outside, preparing for the 2nd march in. Hee.

My friendship with Petrina went all the way back to 1993. I got to know her on this tour trip to Brisbane. Somehow we click and we exchange contacts and kept in touch all the while. I’m really glad to know her as she’s a very nice, sweet and humble girl.

15 years of friendship…. And still counting =) 

Petrina… Tanx for inviting me and my brother to your wedding dinner! And i wish u and ur hubby a blissful marriage =)

The lovely wedding favours that were given to all the guests =)

Since it was the Mid Autumn Festival, i must mention mooncakes =) 

Recently got yam mooncakes again from Eater Palace’s. Wanted the yam one with pumpkin pastry but sold out so i just settle for pure yam one. For those who don’t like their yam mooncake too sweet, maybe can try Eater Palace’s =)

Hope everyone enjoyed the Mid Autumn Festival this yr =)  Looking forward to next year as i’m starting to enjoy mooncakes. Hee

10th Sep’08

Went for a dinner at MOF, Bugis organised by my fren Wenhui =)  It’s meant for all the “jie meis” to meet up and also to discuss on the things to “tekan” Wenhui’s hubby and his bros. Hee


I’ve been to MOF few years ago but can’t really remember what i had. So this time i did a search online and see which dish is popular =) 

I opt for the Tempura Soba. After reading the reviews on hungrygowhere.com, i thought this should be a gd choice. But it was quite disappointing. I thought the noodles were kinda starchy. As for the tempura, it’s alrite lah.

By the way, i quite like the flower shaped saucer that they used. Cute right? =)


12th Sep’08


Went to this beef noodle stall at Blk 233 AMK St 23 which was recommended by my 4th aunt =)  Seems like this stall has been featured on quite a few mediacorp makan programmes.

When it somes to beef noodles, i always prefer to order the dry version =)  I like the beef noodles at this stall. Both soup and the gravey are full of flavour. Ingredients are fresh too.

I also order this soup from the stall that’s next to the beef noodles stall. Taste is quite alright only


13th Sep’08

A good start for the weekend =)  First i went for hair treatment at Jayun Hair Boutique at Pacific Plaza. I was so delighted cause it’s free as i’ve won it from a contest in Woman’s Weekly =)

I’ve read abt this hair salon in magazines before. Everything abt this salon seems very korean style. Korean music and it’s also korean shows on the tv.

And i must really compliment on the service for this hair salon. From the receptionist, the lady who serve me drink, the guy who washed my hair and to the main hairstylist who was serving me, they were so polite =)

This is me enjoying my treatment =)  And i was given a cushion too and it feel nice while i relax and read a magazine.

While i enjoy my hair treatment, i get to enjoy a big cup of green tea and some biscuits =)  The biscuits are nice. As i had a light breakfast, the biscuits became a temporary relief for me as i was getting hungry. Hee


After the nice pampering hair treatment, i went on to Royal Plaza On Scotts. Main purpose is to see the first and only life-sized chocolate race car in asia =) It’s so interesting as whole thing is made of chocolate. Amazing!!!

And how can i not take a pic with this gorgeous chocolate car! =)

By then i’m getting really hungry so off i go to The Canteen at Shaw Centre. Read about it in 8 days recently so i decide to try out their food.


Xo Sauce Lo Shi Fun

I’ve only tried “Mee Chai Mak” in soup version only. First time trying the dry one and it’s not too bad. Got my favourite ingredients in it… Minced meat, century egg. It can be kinda oily but i guess it’s due to the ingredients and i was told they are trying to improve on the problem already. But it’s yummy and i manage to finish up everything =)

Service is top notch here =)  Everyone is friendly and are able to answer customers enquiries efficiently. A waiter even came to ask if i’ve enjoyed my meal and i thought it’s a very nice gesture =)

Somehow it’s been a wonderful saturday. Everyone is nice and smiley. It sure enhanced my mood for that day =)  If only everyday can be like this.

Next i went on to do my nails.

Red!!! My favourite colour =)

I went on to run some errands before i leave Orchard. And somehow on my way to the mrt station, i walked passed the basement at Tangs and i start to walk in

I got cravings for “Chui Kway” and i like the ones here. Simple comfort food and it reminds me of my maternal grandparents. They used to sell “Chui Kway” for a living =)

Now i’m looking forward to tonight as it’s my fren’s Petrina wedding dinner. Can’t wait to see her in her wedding gown =)


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