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Imperial Treasure At The Crowded Suntec

Posted on: September 2, 2008

During the recent sun, my bro went to find my bestie regarding a policy for penelopy so i tag along too to pay her a visit =)  Poor Phy…. She wasn’t feeling too gd as she got a sore throat and earlier on she was having high fever for a few days. Hope she’s feeling better now.

As usual, i’m always taking pics with Penelopy =)  She’s also poor thing lah. See her forehead? She scratch her forehead lor ={   Next time don’t do this ok. Don’t spoilt your pretty face. Hugz

She enjoys hiding behind the curtains and she was having so much fun when i play hide and seek with her =)

Since Phy was not feeling too well, she decide to have porridge for dinner. She wants to go to Imperial Treasure so off we go to the Suntec Branch. After dinner, her hubby can go for the PC Fair while we walk around.

The crowd at suntec was HORRIBLE !!! ={  Phy & i can faint man…. Anyway i was glad when we reach Imperial Treasure, sit down and rest a while.


For dinner, Kenny had “Yang Zhou Chow Fan”, Phy had porridge while i had “Noodle Soup With Sliced Beef” The beef was gd… Very tender but it’s a little oily. But not so bad with the noodle soup. I thought the noodle can be better. Seems a little starchy

We also shared 2 other dishes. One is a sliced fish dish. The fish itself is not bad but i don’t quite like the corn sauce! And Prawn With Salad Sauce. I like this dish but for $16.50, it’s ex for just 6 prawns

It’s my first time at this Suntec branch and for the dishes i had, i would prefer Crystal Jade anytime. For Imperial Treasure, i like the Taka branch for the food and dim sum =)


4 Responses to "Imperial Treasure At The Crowded Suntec"

how old is Penelopy? she’s cute. reminds me of my god daughter hehe 🙂

Hi Eileen =) Penelopy is 20 mths old… I’m looking forward to celebrate her 2nd b-day in dec =)

How old is ur god-daughter?

Penelopy is still a baby 🙂 my god daugther is 3 yrs plus liao.. will be 4 next march. very cheeky and naughty 😛

Hehe… I guess all kids are like this =)

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