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Wall E & Enjoying My Favourite Food

Posted on: September 4, 2008

Went to watch Wall E and it’s a nice movie =)  Great animation so if you are keen to watch this movie, don’t hesitate liao… Hee

Recently got to enjoy some nice yummy food. It’s always great but not good for my waistline ={

My favourite dish at TCCSeafood Aglio Olio. From the first time i tried this dish, it left me a deep impression. Firstly i luv pasta, 2nd, i luv the garlic and taste of it, 3rd the fresh prawns and scallops. Yummy!!!

As i was looking for a white dress for a fren’s up-coming wedding (i’m 1 of the jie mei and my fren requested us to wear white), i decide to shop around at Isetan Scotts after i left TCC.

What u think? =)  I like the simple design and since the Isetan Private Sale is coming (25th Sep! I heard it from my hairstylist at Kose), i may get this. But meanwhile i’ll look around first

I’ve always like noodle so when i got cravings for it, i’ll see what i can find. I happened to walk passed Taka Crystal Jade Korean Restaurant and decide to try out the noodle dish here.

I always enjoy having the side dishes and i finish everything except the egg. The sauce was TOO SALTY


This is what i’ve ordered – Spicy Seafood Cold Noodle

I quite enjoy this dish as the taste is quite refreshing. And it’s not spicy at all. Hee. Luv the veges as it’s crunchy and goes well with the noodles. There’s prawns and squid too but it be better if there’s more seafood =)

The noodles includes a soup too and i like it a lot =)  I can’t quite describe the taste but it’s really gd. Maybe it was raining that day so the hot soup taste extra gd. Hee.

After dinner, it’s time to walk around again to digest off the food so i continue the search for the white dress =)  I decide to walk to Wisma as there’s more choice for clothes.

I found this =)  Luv the details on it. But i will think abt it first

As i got a invitation to the opening of Honeypot new branch at Taka, i decide to pop by to take a look =)


With the boss of Honeypot =)  Chocs (bottom right picture) were given to all the guests for this event.

As it was still raining when i wanted to go home, i decide to go to a nice quiet place for some tea.


It’s my 1st time here and it’s located at Taka Level 2

Enjoying my Earl grey while i get to view part of orchard road =)  Quite a nice place. Guess i’ll drop by again if i’m at Taka

And why is it raining so much nowadays!!! ={  I got a gd fren getting married next sun (14th) so i pray the weather be gd on that day for her =) 


4 Responses to "Wall E & Enjoying My Favourite Food"

Heya Sweets!
You really updated alot!!! *clap*
Hi 5 to Enjoying Earl Grey!
I wanna go there too le!
Is it ex?
See you soon!! 🙂

Hihi =) Welcome to my blog!!! U r finally here. Hee

As for the Earl Grey, i was having a pot and it cost $6.50 b4 gst lah. Quite a nice place to hang out =)

Btw when are you going to Japan?? So envy… I want to go too!! =) Hee… Have lotsa fun! Hugz

The pasta looks yummy!

Hey Phy…. Glad u manage to leave a comment this time =)

Yup… The pasta from TCC is gd. I like it very much =) Have u try it b4?

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