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Dinner At Chinatown =)

Posted on: September 5, 2008

Last night my bro asked me along for dinner at chinatown =)  Both my bro and Angeline are going to try this claypot rice. I think my bro found this place through hungrygowhere.com =)  I was hungry when we reach the hawker centre and the smell of food just makes me even more hungry *Drooling*


I like the claypot rice here =)  I will always put more of the black sauce into my rice. Yummy yummy!! My bro comment is that the one here is nicer than the popular claypot rice at clementi. I wish there can be more chicken in it =)  I love meat so maybe i find it not enough. But we order the $8 to share so maybe not so much chicken bah? Hee


I ordered 5 chicken & 5 pork satays to share. Personally i like it too as the meat is nicely grilled and very tender. My bro & Angeline think the meat is too soft =)  As for the gravy, i kinda like it too even though it’s oily. Hee.


Chee Chong Fun =)  A nice simple dish… I think only left the mushrooms fillings one. Guess i’m more used to either plain ones or with prawns as the fillings. Hee. But it’s still enjoyable as i like to have my chee chong fun with lotsa sweet sauce & chilli sauce =)

Yam Kuay. Angeline order this from another stall (should be near the hokkien mee stall). I actually ate quite a lot of this. Not bad too =)  and i was also very happy with the generous portion of the sweet sauce & chilli sauce


If u like your hokkien mee to be the moist kind, u shld try this stall =)   

My bro told me the char kway teow from this stall is gd =)  I’m gonna try it when i’m back. Hee

Mid Autumn Festival is coming soon so the atmosphere at chinatown is pretty gd =)


There’s this temple at chinatown and they displayed lotsa lanterns and also the 12 zodiac animals. Everyone was busy taking pics with her own inidividual zodiac sign.

I’m born in the yr of the Monkey =) May everything goes smoothly for me! Huat Ah!!!


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