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Nipple Shaped “Bun”

Posted on: September 9, 2008

Last night went for this dinner at serangoon north. It’s those kinda dinner where u will eat and bid for stuff at the same time =)  But since my dad has to go early as he’s invovled in the whole thing, i decide to pay my eldest aunt a visit since her house is just nearby. Hee


Going to my eldest aunt’s house means i can get to see Athena too =)  She’s so cute lah. When she hear some foot steps, she went to the door and start calling “GuGu” when she saw me. It never fails to make me smile =)

Luckily i told my aunt to remind me the time to leave. Cause i was having so much fun with her and i almost miss the timing. Hee

This is where the bidding starts.

This yr the food taste better as my dad did kinda “complain”. The standard for the food for the past few yrs was kinda bad… And i think it’s not so nice when u want people to come and give support and yet serve “not so nice” food.

This left me a deep impression! Wahahaha =)  If i remember correctly, every year for the first dish, they will serve this. But first time i see a “nipple” shaped one. I was so amused by it! Hehe

I spotted this guy walking around carrying this big golden piggy where u can make donations =) Poor thing…. The golden piggy looks really heavy lah. Anyway i did make a small donation too for gd luck! =)  “Huat Ah!”  

Sometimes i wonder how someone can spend so much bidding for an item. For the whole bunch of bananas, someone actually got it for close to $2k! But i guess when it comes to something u like or u believe it’s for gd luck, the amount is not a problem =)  Just like how i won’t hesitate spending $$ on shopping, makan or travel. Hee.

Overall the dinner was not too bad. Just that it tends to end quite late so can be tiring towards the end. But since my dad takes part in this and if i’m free, i will always go lah =)

Hope next yr food will be even better (Greedy me… More concern abt the food! Haha)


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