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Petrina’s Wedding At The Regent =)

Posted on: September 15, 2008

14th Sep’08

Today is a extra special day for my good friend Petrina =)  She held her wedding dinner at The Regent. As it was also the Mid Autumn Festival, i thought it holds a special meaning on this day with all friends and relatives together to celebrate this joyous occasion together with the couple =)

 It’s my first time at The Regent for a wedding and Petrina’s wedding dinner was held at the Royal Pavilion ballroom. I kinda like the reception area and the surrounding was filled with nice comfy sofa. Good for guests who want to sit down and enjoy a drink during the cocktail reception =)

This is Petrina’s sister Clarissa =)  It’s been so long since i last seen her. I remember she was only 8 when i went to her house for a visit many years ago. And look at her now…. Such a sweet looking lady! =)  I was really glad to see her

Next to us are Petrina’s parents =)  It was great to do some catching up with them too. And Petrina’s mum still looks the same. Seems like she didn’t age at all =)  Must ask her for some tips on how to maintain. Hee. As for Petrina’s dad, he’s still looking gd too… Very nice and charming.

Soon it was time to go into the ballroom and i was so eager to see Petrina =) 

And finally the couple appeared! =)  Petrina and Weng Hoe look so compatible together and she looks stunning in her wedding gown and i love the design. Too bad i didn’t manage to take a picture of her whole gown

During the dinner, i notice there was a magician walking around to all the tables performing some tricks. I think it’s quite a good idea for weddings as it can be kinda entertaining =)

Isn’t she gorgeous!!! =) I was so happy to manage to take a picture with Petrina =)  I was sitting at the table that was near to the main entrance. So happened someone open the door and i saw Petrina standing outside, preparing for the 2nd march in. Hee.

My friendship with Petrina went all the way back to 1993. I got to know her on this tour trip to Brisbane. Somehow we click and we exchange contacts and kept in touch all the while. I’m really glad to know her as she’s a very nice, sweet and humble girl.

15 years of friendship…. And still counting =) 

Petrina… Tanx for inviting me and my brother to your wedding dinner! And i wish u and ur hubby a blissful marriage =)

The lovely wedding favours that were given to all the guests =)

Since it was the Mid Autumn Festival, i must mention mooncakes =) 

Recently got yam mooncakes again from Eater Palace’s. Wanted the yam one with pumpkin pastry but sold out so i just settle for pure yam one. For those who don’t like their yam mooncake too sweet, maybe can try Eater Palace’s =)

Hope everyone enjoyed the Mid Autumn Festival this yr =)  Looking forward to next year as i’m starting to enjoy mooncakes. Hee


5 Responses to "Petrina’s Wedding At The Regent =)"

WAHH! all look so pretty. I love weddings! hehe Oh yea. where’s Jascintha? I dunno how to spell her name. haha. the middle sister. Didn’t see a photo of her. hehe Anyways. they look awesome! hehe

Hi Xin Lian =) Am i one of the pretty one? Wahaha…

Anyway when i reached the hotel, Jacinda (i’m not too sure abt the spelling too. Hee… Saw it Petrina’s facebk so i assume it’s her sis) was busy at the reception so didn’t get to tok to her.

But it was really great to see everyone =)

ohhh! hehe okok. no wonder. I was quite surprised like she’s not there! haha and of course ure the pretty one. every was! hehe

Haha…. Wah Liew! I’m so think skinned hor… Hee

No wonder everyone say a woman is the prettiest on her wedding day =) Radiant, blissful, gorgeous are the words to use on weddings and the bride!!

Even the family members glow with happiness =)

[…] And i realised that it’s the 2nd “Mid Autumn” wedding that i’ve attended. During last year mid autumn festival, i was at Petrina’s wedding =) […]

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