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With My Dear Fren Phy & Penelopy =)

Posted on: September 21, 2008

I meet up with my bestie pretty often. At least once or twice per mth, we will go and enjoy a meal together and do some catching up  =)  No matter where we go, it’s always a joy to go with her as i truly enjoy her company.

Usually Penelopy will follow so for our choice of places, we have to make sure there’s something suitable for the baby.

First Meet Up 

Phy & i enjoy going to Swensen’s for breakfast but this time we went for the set lunch at the J8 outlet. It’s quite worth it as it consist of a soup of the day, coffee/tea & dessert when u order any of their pasta or main course =)


While waiting for the food to come, Penelopy was kept entertained with some drawings with coloured pencils.


Main course – Chilli Fish Pasta. I’m a pasta lover so i like this dish. The fried fish is quite nice too

Dessert – Mooncake Ice Cream. I was kinda keen to see what dessert they will serve but instead i see this. I guess it’s the leftovers from the Mid Autumn Festival so they are trying to clear it. Anyway i don’t like the skin part but the ice cream is not bad. Taste like chendol flavour to me

After lunch, we walked around J8 and we had to stop for something.

See her HAPPY face!!! =)  Penelopy luv Barney lah! Hehe

After J8, we went back to Phy’s mum place.

Everytime i walked into the house, i be greeted by the 3 jack russells =)

Me trying to take a pic with Penelopy but she was more focused on the dogs =)

Penelopy is very fortunate to have lotsa people doting on her and this toy car is from her grandpa =) Look how happy she is….

When it comes to evening, we proceed on to east coast. So Phy’s hubby go for his soccer while we take a stroll.


Look at the view =)  I’ve not been to east coast for quite some time and it felt great to breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the view. Great feeling.

Guess all the walking makes me feel hungry and i was really starving when it’s dinner time and i can’t wait to eat! Haha =)


I had this promo set meal and it’s yummy =)

The sauce goes well with the rice and i luv the pork belly. I luv meat with some fats!! Hee

After dinner, we went on for desserts at Serangoon Garden =)


It’s my 2nd time here and i opt for the Black Glutinous Rice With Mango. Not bad and it’s very refreshing =)

The mango are very sweet and they are quite generous with the portion =)


2nd Meet Up

Our initial plan was to go for the Metro Sale together but we were kinda tired so decide to skip this sale. Anyway tanx to my cousin Xin Lian for helping to get my Clarins sunblock.

Since we are tired and didn’t want to drive till too far, i suggest to Phy Canopy at Bishan Park for lunch.

Took a pic with Penelopy before we go to Bishan Park =)  She was in a very mood and was very happy to pose for a pic with me. Hee


Buttermilk Pancakes With Bananas

I top up another $2 to get the ice cream for Penelopy and am glad that she enjoyed it with the pancake.

Seafood Risotto With Prawns, Squid & Snapper – This is nice! =) 

Penelopy looks like she’s staring at me. Haha

Even though Pny & i shared the pancakes & seafood risotto, it’s actually enough to makes us full. So we just end the meal with dessert and some hot drinks =)

This is me enjoying my cafe latte =)  Phy had english breakfast

Halzenut Meringue Cake. It’s not bad but the top part is very sweet so i scrape it away.

Then it’s back to Phy’s mum place again. For Penelopy to rest and play, for me to rest (i was tired) and Phy to prepare a feast as she’s cooking dinner leh =)  Poor thing… She was tired too but took an effort to cook. Tanx Phy! Hugz… =)


As usual, i enjoy taking pics for the little one =)

I was very amused by the bottom left pic. She was playing with her Barney cup and i was saying something to her and she kept laughing.

My favourite pic of Penelopy is the bottom right one! =)  She look so dainty and cute with her expression.

I was so looking forward to dinner time and Tadah….


Looks gd and taste gd!! =)  Tanx for the dinner Phy! I feel so blessed to have u as my bestie… 


2 Responses to "With My Dear Fren Phy & Penelopy =)"

Hey Tingyi, remember to email mi the photos k?

The pix @ the beach looks really scenic, nice shot.

Btw, enjoy yourself in Bali. May u mit a handsome guy there. Hee.

Hi Phy, sorry for the delay in emailing u the pics. I will do it soon as there’s quite a lot of pics taken for u and Penelopy =)

Bali was great… If only u can go with me lah! =) As for handsome guys, no leh…. Haha! It’s mostly couples at the resort.

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