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Spa At Wellness Village With Xin Lian =)

Posted on: September 29, 2008

27-09-08 (Sat)

There was a promo by Simply Her for a massage & body scrub ($48) at Wellness Village. So Xin Lian & i decide to try it together =)  We were suppose to have it on 20th Sep but i kana my menus so have to postpone it. So sorry ah Xin Lian!

Our appt was at 4.30pm at the Marina Square branch. Great timing as i just came back from Bali in the morning ard 3+am. So luckily i got sufficent time to rest first =)

As usual, before any spa treatment starts, we will rest in the lounge first and fill up a form for new customers. The whole area was kinda nice

Before we start, we were told this will be a relaxing massage and i was so looking forward to it. I’m the kind who can take light massage only so the word “relaxing” sounds gd

Maybe i got sunburn so my therapist was quite gentle with my scrub. But according to Xin Lian, her’s was quite rough, the therapist was like using a lot of strength to give her a thorough scrub!

Massage itself was too hard for my liking despite me stating in the form that i prefer light massage. But i was so tired and “Nua” from my Bali trip that i couldn’t bother to tell my therapist about it! Xin Lian also find the massage too hard for her. Quite a disappointment!! And the bed was not warm too!!

After massage, we decide to walk over to Suntec for dinner. As i was very keen to try the soba that Xin Lian had at Paragon and since they had a branch at Suntec, it would be the best choice.

But i was a bit disappointed with this Suntec branch as it’s kinda different from Paragon (main focus is on soba). Suntec branch is mixed with the usual Japanese food lor.

But it’s ok as i shall go to the Paragon branch another time =)  I’m just glad i got Xin Lian for company and we had a good chat during dinner!


Looks gd and taste gd!! =)  Love my set meal & I’m glad i’ve learn to appreciate sashimi. Hee


Both of us enjoying our set meal

Usually i hate walking from Suntec to City Hall mrt station as the distance can be kinda long. But after such a yummy dinner + big tummy, i don’t mind walking =) 

And that night i went to stay over at Xin Lian’s place. Hee! When all the cousins were young, we enjoy going to each other house to stay over and had so much fun =)  Kinda miss those days lah. And i’m glad i did it this time as it was really fun as we chit chat about everything

Xin Lian…. Gonna miss u when u go back to Melbourne! Hugz

Look at Drummer! Hee. I took this pic when i was chatting with my 4th aunt in her room. Drummer makes herself so comfortable on the bed lah! So cute when i see this =)

And this is Sky! Isn’t he photogenic =)  He was in a gd mood that night and did not bark at me. Hee

Look at Drummer fur! So think and curly…. Makes her looks kinda big! Hee. I was so amused when i see her walking around the house =)

Xin Lian… Thanks for another great outing =)  It’s always great to hang out with u! Shall see u and the rest at my house on wed lah


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