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Spa Village Resort Tembok Bali – Part 1 =)

Posted on: September 30, 2008

24-09-08 (Wed)

Recently i just came back from my Bali trip =)  Thanks to Women’s Weekly where i won a 4D3N stay at Spa Village Resort Tembok Bali. It was such a wonderful place and i’m missing the place now =)

It’s my first time to Bali and i was really looking forward to it =) 

For my package, it’s inclusive of 3 nights accomodation, all 3 meals, airport transfers & 1 spa treatment for me & my companion.

But i didn’t expect it to be so hard to get the air tickets. I tried SQ, Garuda & Jetstar but got problems with either the timings or date.

Until my brother told me about Lion Air (Indonesia budget airline). I must say i do have my concerns at first but after asking around, seems to be ok according to those who had taken Lion Air before. Morever the timings are good – 6am & 12am (2 timings only).

Btw if u are going to try this airline, please take note of the date when u do the booking. Because of my careless mistake, it became a 3D2N trip ={   Sorry Jeannie!!!

Anyway i was so excited when the day comes!!! =)  Thanks to my bro who fetch me & Jeannie to the airport. Hugz!!


Jeannie & i at Terminal 1 Coffee Bean =) 

Our’s was a 6.20am flight and since we were early, we went for some drinks first.


Finally it’s time to board the plane. To be honest i was kinda nervous! Haha

I was really SURPRISED when they start serving meals to the everyone!! Taste is alright only but not so bad for a budget airline. Btw i paid $205 for my air ticket to Bali

Nice right?? =)  One of the advantage of taking an early flight is being able to witness this.

Volcano?? It’s the first time i’m seeing one so up-close

Reaching Bali… Yeah!! =)

The car ride to the resort was 3 hours and thank god the whole car was a comfy one. Hee! And i manage to sleep quite a lot in the car.


When we arrived at the resort, we were given a foot ritual

And also nice cool towels & refreshing watermelon juice! Shiok… =)

This is where i be staying =)  More pics to show the interior of my room


The whole room is so cosy!! I like…. =)

The view i get from my room…. All i can say is Wow! =)

I can’t believe i’m finally here =)

Anyway we were getting hungry and we reached just in time for lunch!!

The view i get when i have my meals at The Wantilan Restaurant

This is given to us at every start of a meal (breakfast, lunch & dinner) and for the shooter glass, there will be something different all the time =)


Yummy lunch!! =)

One of my favourite spot at the resort

After exploring around the place, we went swimming before going back to our room to rest and shower. I luv this place – a gd place to come for some peace and quiet =)

I was pleasantly surprised that they provide speakers for ipod =)  Luckily Jeannie brought her ipod along so we can enjoy some nice music

Enjoying some tea! Bali night time seems to come pretty fast… Around 6.30-40pm? And there was only abt 6-7 couples including us staying at the 31 rooms resort. But when comes to night time, u don’t feel creepy or what. Just peacefulness around u =)

The dining area during night time


It’s dinner time

Dinner was good! Very healthy and fish is fresh =)

Actually the resort provides different kinds of activities throughout the day. But i guess not all appeals to me & Jeannie. But tonight we went for star gazing =)  We lay on a floating bed  and was given a mp3 to listen to soothing music as we looked at the stars

Great experience and it’s the first time i see so many stars so clearly in such a tranquil surroundings =)

We were given a nice surprise when we went back to our room =) So sweet isn’t it

What a nice sweet way to end my first night at the resort =)

Look out for Part 2 of my Bali trip!!


8 Responses to "Spa Village Resort Tembok Bali – Part 1 =)"

It looks like you guys had a very nice time there. The hotel looks spectacular.

Yes we did =) Maybe you can go there for a short holiday if you are looking for some peace and quiet.

And thumbs up for their services! =)

hi june
love ur bali pics!
reminds me of my lovely stay at banyan tree bintan…gonna make bali my next resort destination!
btw u like tubes alot? look good in them 🙂

Hi redrubberslippers =) Welcome to my blog. Hee

Bali is nice… It’s gd for a short break! And tanx for ur compliment… Yup i like to wear tubes top/dress! Even my fren who went on this trip wif me also asked me the same question =)

Btw u have a blog?

yep the bali scenary pictures are awesome! maybe all the cousins can go and relax there together sometime.. cause we need guys along to be along ( for safety purposes ) looks so peaceful i could sleep there all day in that chair, especially.. 🙂

Alritey, shall see u ard~ peace out xoxoxo

Hi Gladys… U r at my blog! =) Tanx for ur 1st comment!

For resort hols, beside Bali, u can also consider Bintan or Batam! Quite alright one =)

Yup… All cousins trip be nice! Even Qirong also keen on resort hols after seeing my Bali pics on facebook. Hee

Hi Ahjune,

This looks fantastic, loved all your pics!
Can you help, I am thinking of going to this resort soon, can you tell me how much you had to pay for drinks and how you went about doing this, was it charged to your room?


Hi Kha,

For this Bali trip, it’s free cause i won it from a magazine contest. It include accomodation & all 3 meals =)

You can refer to the website http://www.spavillage.com/tembokbali/ for more infomation. Enjoy your stay @ Bali!

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