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It’s been quite some time since i last went to Red Star for dim sum. So today when my 4th aunt asked me along to have lunch with the rest, i said Yes!!! =)

And since i’ve now started having my own blog, i thought it be nice to intro this place.

The interior. The design of the place is very old style traditional kind =)

And it’s the first time for me to come on a weekday and not much crowd compared to weekends where u really have to join a long queue (i usually reach around 11am on sunday).

Nowadays it’s very rare to see this push cart type. It adds a very special touch to the whole ambience. So if u are here for dim sum, do bring along the papers or your favourite book to read while u enjoy your food and chit chat a bit =)

Some of the dim sum that we have ordered =)

Chee Choeng Fun!!! One of my fav item for dim sum. And i get to enjoy the whole plate to myself cause my grandma and the rest of my aunts don’t eat it. Hee 

So if you have not been to Red Star, can consider coming here to try their dim sum. Its hard to find such a traditional kind of restaurant already

  • Red Star Restaurant
  • Blk 54 Chin Swee Road #07-23
  • Tel: 6532 5266

Recently i was reading 8 days and i got to know about this new place which is located at Anchorvale Community Club. Since it’s pretty near my place, i decide to go and try out the food with my brother =)

This is what you see when you enter the restaurant

And on the right is where the bar is located. I like the semi circle seats =)

The interior. And if u walk all the way in, it’s the bar area where you can enjoy a drink and watch soccer =)  Can u spot the tv??

Complimentry garlic bread

Baked Beef Lasagne

Mixed Grill which consist of chicken frank, lamb chop, boneless chicken, beef steak & chicken bacon topped with fried egg

I quite enjoyed all except for the beef steak which was kinda too cooked. Lamb chop was very tender but smell a bit strong but i’m fine with it.

Fish Parmigianna – This is good! =)  The dory fillet is very fresh and i like the potatoes and vege that comes with it

Since there was a promo for Passion Card (Order 2 main course and get the 3rd one free), i took the offer so i be able to try out more dishes =)

It’s a newly open place (under Jack’s Place Holdings) so i guess not much of a crowd yet. But if stay nearby and/or want to try out a new place, can try Brewbaker’s.

  • Brewbaker’s Kitchen & Bar
  • #01-06 Anchorvale Community Club
  • Tel: 6886 1811



Bubble milk tea is one of my fav beverage! Recently i was at Toa Payoh and i happened to see this shop (just opposite Ya Kun).

It was quite interesting =)  They have 3 different sizes of the cup for u to choose (the one in the pic is the smallest).

Then they will ask which sugar level do u prefer =)

I find it really interesting cause usually just choose which kind of bubble tea u want and that’s it. Standard size for cup and everything.

So if you see any Koi Cafe, do give it a try! Personally i like it very much & they are very generous with the yummy pearls! And i thought the concept is quite good and you are able to enjoy bubble tea in a more healthy way.

By the way, i usually opt for 25% sugar & i find it really sweet enough already.

Currently they have 4 branches in Singapore so i hope you find one that’s near you. I’m very glad their latest branch is @ AMK which is much more convenient for me.

  • 1) Toa Payoh (Opposite Ya Kun)
  • Blk 190 Toa Payoh Central #01-562
  • Tel: 6256 1169


  • 2) Marine Parade
  • Blk 83 Marine Parade Central #01-562
  • Tel: 6440 4869


  • 3) Chinatown
  • People’s Park Complex #01-16
  • Tel: 6536 8330


  • 4) Ang Mo Kio
  • Blk 704 AMK Ave 8 #01-2545
  • Tel: 6459 1518

I noticed guys nowadays can be pretty good at cooking/baking and my brother is one of them! =)

Recently he baked some muffins and since i was at home, i took some pics and decide to put it in my blog. Hee

Some of the ingredients for the muffins

Start mixing

All done and off they go to the microwave oven =)


Smells good… Getting hungry!

The final product and i can only describe it in 1 word

Goooooooooooddddddd!!!!!! =)

Personally i really like it. Hoping to see more creations from my bro

25th Oct’08 (Sat)

Finally the Big Day arrives for my dear friend Wenhui =)  It was a wondeful wedding and i’m truly happy and honoured to be a part of it.

Luckily for the morning, the timing to fetch the bride was at 9am so we don’t have to rush and reach too early =)  And thanks to my dear daddy who drive me to Wenhui’s house at Sengkang!

The pretty bride getting her hair & makeup done =)

So while the bride is getting ready, all the jie mei get busy in the kitchen =)  Haha!!

Sour, Sweet, Bitter & Spicy segment! Haha… Can’t wait to let the guys try it

Looking gorgeous & radiant =)

Time to take some pictures with the bride first before we get busy later.

Because it’s time to tekan the groom & his brothers!! Hee

And can you see the beautiful corsages for all the jie mei =)  It’s very nice and it’s done by Wenhui’s Sister In Law

All the things that we have prepared for them!!

Waiting anxiously for her hubby to come… Hee

Here they are and the fun begins =) 

 We limit to 30 mins for the “sabo” session! Had lots of fun making the groom and the brothers do the Sour, Sweet, Bitter & Spicy segment, pole dance, go through Q & A, made the groom write “I ♥ Wenhui” and apply lipstick on his lips and kiss on the ♥ =)

Lastly we prepared a luv contract for Suyandi and we made him read it out loud and sign on it before he’s allowed to enter Wenhui’s room.

As i was in the room wth Wenhui guarding the door so couldn’t take any pics of what’s happening outisde but it sure sounds fun! Haha

He finally get to see his dear wife =)

So Sweet!!! =)  Congrats to the both of u

“Bai Bai” first before leaving the house

The couple with Wenhui’s parents & 2 sisters

Next venue is to their new home at Bedok!

Suyandi & Wenhui’s new home is a re-sale flat and it’s very nice and cosy =)

First thing to do is to “Bai Bai” first =)  The lady in the picture is Suyandi’s mother. Suyandi is actually Indonesian Chinese and his other siblings’ other half are all from S’pore too =)  Hmmm… somehow S’pore guys and gals attracts them huh. Hee

Tea Ceremony =)

Wenhui looks stunning in the “Kua”. Not much people like to wear “Kua” nowadays and i can see the adults were very happy to see Wenhui wearing it =)

This is Wenhui’s sister, Wenli & her bf =)  A very loving and down to earth couple

 Hilton Hotel – Grand Ballroom (Wedding Dinner)

I was quite “kiasu” and reach kind of early at 5.30pm. Hee! I scared kana traffic jam and it’s better to be early right =)

And since i’m early, it’s picture taking time!

Wenhui’s parents & MIL =)  Both looking so pretty in their gowns after the hair and makeup. And of course Wenhui’s dad looks very smart in his suit too =)

And now it’s Wenhui’s turn to get herself dolled up in her bridal suite

Soon it’s time to go down to the ballroom and get ready for the reception. 

Me & Valarie (Wenhui’s volunteer friend) helping out at the reception while Chuen Chuen who was one of the jie mei is also the emcee for the wedding dinner

Isn’t this nice! Something different from the usual crystal chandeliers that i see from other ballrooms at hotels

And if you see the picture on the bottom right, it’s actually 4 different designs of bookmark for the guests to take. I took one for myself too cause it’s really nice =)

After a busy evening at the reception, it was finally time to go to the ballroom and wait for the dinner to start!

It’s my 2nd time at Hilton for a wedding dinner. Last july i came to the same ballroom to attend a friend’s wedding =)  I would say Hilton is a good choice for wedding as both the Grand Ballroom and food are pretty good.

But there’s pillars in the ballroom but not a problem for me because on both weddings, i was seated quite near the stage so no pillar to block my view =)

Wenhui in her evening gown! Nice ba =)

And the night didn’t end after the wedding dinner! It’s “Nao Dong Fang” Time!!!

 Poor Wenhui…. She’s blind folded and didn’t know what’s gonna happen! Hee

Basically we put lots of fruits all over Suyandi’s body and Wenhui has to finish up everything =)  It was really hilarious lah but the couple was very ON (no choice too… Haha) and make it extra fun

It was a really fun wedding filled with lots of laughter & happiness =)

I truly had a good time!!

And thanks to her parents who offer to drive me home. Really appreciate it! =)

I was really tired but at the same time i’m very glad to be able to help on her wedding day.

I hereby wish the both of u a blissful marriage and “Zhao Shen Gui Zhi” ah!!! =)

Today went to do my nails as i be attending my friend’s wedding tmr =)  And i had to get some errands done and by the time i’ve finish, just nice for dinner. Since i was near Paragon, i decide to try the soba. I’ve been craving for it ever since i saw it in my cousin Xin Lian’s blog =)


Sound really good huh. On lah…. Must try! =)


I order the Shoukadou Set A =)

U can opt for chilled or hot soba. I chose the chilled one and it was good =)

 Salmon Sashimi! Fresh and nice…. I enjoyed this.

I enjoyed the chicken too. Like the sauce =) Yummy

Tempura is Soft shell crab with some vege. I find it kinda oily. If not it taste pretty gd =)

If u like soba, u should try the one here. I be back to try out the other set meals

  • Shimbashi Soba
  • Paragon #B1-41
  • Tel: 6735 9882

Usually the only time when i have steamboat at home is during chinese new year =) 

Look at the spread =)  And the stock was prepared by Angeline. It’s gd… Even my grandma commented she like the soup a lot

Btw everyone luv the sliced pork belly that my bro got from cold storage. Somehow we just never thought of having sliced pork belly for steamboat during CNY so i think in future we will add this item liao. Hee

Fried Bee Hoon =)  My favourite item. My mum will always cook this

It’s always good to enjoy a meal together =) 


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