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Spa Village Resort Tembok Bali – Part 2 =)

Posted on: October 2, 2008

25-09-08 (Thurs)

Rise and shine!! =)  First thing was to go for breakfast. I was getting hungry


All these are before the main course! So much to enjoy and we like the croissants and muffins=)

The people at this resort never fails to give me a surprise =)  While waiting for our main course, we were given some fruits, cards and crayons to do a drawing.

Our great artist Jeannie doing her master piece


Look at my happy face! I luv such a spread for breakfast =)  And i like how they did my eggs. Yummy!!

If u have read my entry on part 1, i did show a pic of this but with lighted candles instead. A lot of different corners at the resort have different settings for both day and night time =) Very interesting and they take a lot of effort to do it. 

I enjoy spending my afternoon swimming and it’s great when u r at the edge of the pool, look out to the sea and hear the sounds of waves + birds chirping merrily around me =)

As we got some time before we start our spa, Jeannie decide to suntan a bit

And i hide in the pavilion. Hee

Saw this when we were preparing for spa. I was wondering what they are going to use it for

Before massage, we will do treatment first for our legs.

After treatment, our therapist will tie this to our ankle =)


Jamu!! Good stuff…. I enjoy drinking this =) And they have different type of jamu for guys.

And after spa, i’m usually very tired so off i went to my favourite spot (the pavilion) and rest. Haha! And i had a nice chat with Jeannie. It’s my first time travelling with her and i’m glad she’s enjoying herself =)

One of my favourite pic =) And the colour of my dress blends rather well with the background. Hee

By now, we were getting hungry so it’s makan time again! =) 

And while waiting for our food to come, this lady (she’s also Jeannie’s therapist) came to ask if we want to drink some jamu =)  And this time it’s cold jamu. Taste great!


I like what i had for my starter =)  Looks very nice and colourful right! Very healthy too. Plus this dish wakes me up instantly coz there’s lotsa vinegar! =)

After lunch, we went back to our room and rest a while before we get changed to go swimming. And we got another surprise again =)

Without fail, every time when we come back to our room, the room attendant will tidy up our beds and changed new towels + a new note for us! So touched lah =)

Had a good time relaxing at the pool and i saw this! Didn’t really see what he did. Pick coconuts? Hee

Time seems to pass very fast when u r relaxing and don’t have to bother about any things

Dinner time! No pics of my food coz it was really dark and hard to take a proper pic.

Relaxing at a nice quiet corner after dinner. Luv the colourful cushions =)

Our last night at the resort =)  So sad…. I don’t feel like leaving yet

OMG!! =)  So sweet lah! We saw a new note for us when we went back to sleep. It sure gave me lotsa sweet dreams that night.


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