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Spa Village Resort Tembok Bali – Part 3 =)

Posted on: October 4, 2008

26-09-08 (Fri)

Time flies and it’s our last day at the resort already! Sob…

Anyway we did not waste any precious time and after breakfast, we decide to walk around the resort and check out other spots which we may have missed and take more pics =)

We realised that we didn’t go to the beach so that be our first stop!


The sand is black in colour! Guess it’s the one being used in the pre-massage treatment for our legs. Get more info from the later part of this post where i will feature my spa treatment =)

Their beach may not be very gorgeous but given the quiet surroundings, it’s still nice in it’s own way =)

When i see any kind of flowers, it reminds me of my mum. She luv taking pics esp with flowers in the background =)



U will see this when u enter the resort =)  And i think it will make a nice pic so Jeannie & i both took a pic each. Hee

This whole pathway is where the car will enter/leave the resort =)  So nice right!

As we had a good experience with our spa yesterday (it was free as it’s part of the pkg), we book another appointment for today.

And since we had some time to spare before we start our spa, we went back to our favourite spot to “Nua” a bit =)


This is both jeannie & mine favourite spot. It’s damn nice lah!!! No matter day or night =)

There’s a booklet on the small table where the guests can write abt their thoughts on their stay in the resort. Both Jeannie & i wrote something =)

If my house is big enough, i would like to have this =)  Haha

Finally it’s Spa Time!! Yeah =)


We will get a pre massage treatment for our legs first at Segara Giri Pavilion

Below the towel is actually black sand with hot volcanic stones at the sides.


We cover our legs with towel to create sauna effect and it good for blood circulation, removes toxins and strengthen the feet

We were also given a nice cooling dessert to enjoy and had a cold towel on our shoulder. It can get kinda hot and i was sweating so much!

Cleansing our feet =)

After we are done, they will wipe our feet and put this on our ankle =) It’s a different flower from yesterday

Then we are brought to here to rest before the massage begins


The refreshments that were given to us

Walking to the room for our massage

This is where we get our pampering session done.

On both days we had the traditional balinese massage where herbal infused floral beauty oil is used for women. I opt for soft pressure and it was just nice =)

I felt so relaxed after the massage =)  Shiok is the word! And next on the agenda is swimming again!

Saw this note when we went back to change =)


The staff came and distribute cold towels and iced water for all the guests that were resting by the pool side =)

I think we swim till 1+ or 2pm then go for lunch! By then i was getting hungry but very tired! While waiting for the food to come, i almost fall alsleep! Haha


I like my starter & main course =)  Very good balance of meat, seafood & lotsa veges. Yummy!

Jeannie’s lunch looks good too! I tasted a bit of her salad and it’s yummy =)

After lunch, we went back to shower and pack our luggage.

Feeling refreshed after our shower

Jeannie was so sweet! =) She wrote a “Thank You” note to all the room attendants

As usual, we always have some time before we start our meal so off we went to our favourite spot AGAIN!!! Hee

Enjoying a while more before we leave the resort later in the night. Luv the tranquil surroundings =)

Everyday will hear them loudly =)  Today managed to see them and snap a pic

Saw some guests taking part in one of the activities. If i’m not wrong, they are going to watch the sunset


Soon it was dinner time! We have it earlier as we be leaving the resort at 7pm

Both Jeannie & i had fish! Something light before i board the car =)

So cute! A very unique farewell gift for us =) Hee! Hard boiled egg with a note for each of us

Can’t waste the egg =) We stop for a break after shopping, had a drink before we board the plane

Didn’t take pics after we check in. At first i thought there won’t be much people around since we are taking the 12 midnight flight. I was wrong! Damn crowded!

Luckily there was someone from the resort to guide us all the way until we check in =)

Even though it was a short stay but i was very impressed with the services of everyone at Spa Village Resort Tembok Bali =)

My meal on Lion Air! =)

Home Sweet Home!

Bali…. I be back!!! =)


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