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Posted on: October 5, 2008

Just wanna feature some of the food i had recently =) 

And i just realised that most of the items are linked to laksa/curry. Haha

Number 1

The curry gravy for this dish are the left over ones from the lunch on Oct 1st =)  Don’t waste mah so the next day, my mum added more ingredients and bee hoon and it become another yummy dish!

Number 2

For this Yong Tau Fu stall, it has been around for very long. When my grandma’s sis was staying around this area, they come to this hawker centre often to have yong tau fu =)  So recently after my grandma check up at TTSH, my bro suggested that we come here for lunch.

It’s located at “Mang Ga Ka”. I’m not sure what the area is called in english. Hee! But if u r at this hawker centre, do try their yong tau fu. It’s really not bad. Both mum & daughter has been selling yong tau fu together for a long time. So poor thing, both got probs with their backs and yet they still work very hard. Show some support lah =)

Number 3

This fishball noodle stall at Toa Payoh is my dad’s favourite =)  All the fishball here are handmade and occassionally i will see the owner making the fishballs on the spot. Really not bad and i quite like the soup =)

Number 4

Vegetarian laksa bought by my dad =)  This is really gd! My grandma luv the laksa from this stall. Usually on the 1st & 15th of the lunar mth, my family will have vegetarian food =) 

I’m glad i enjoy vegetarian food as i got 2 aunts who are vegetarians so if i’m out having meals with them, it’s not so bad. It can be very yummy too

Number 5

Udon Laksa! =)  Recently i went back to The Canteen at Shaw Centre and i just have to try this. I enjoyed this dish esp when it’s a combi of my fav laksa & udon. Portion just nice for me & service is still gd!

The guy who talked to me on my previous visit actually recognized me! Haha.  So we chatted a while when i was waiting for my food. I feel like as if i’m visiting a friend =)


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