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*A Nice Quiet Mon*

Posted on: October 8, 2008

Got the urge to go to town and i decide to go to PS by myself. It’s good to go out on a mon (no matter what time of the day) coz it won’t be crowded =)

Did some shopping first and i got myself a pair of nice grey shorts From Ying & Yang =)  $18 only. Things are getting ex nowadays so it feels good to get something that’s nice and cheap

When it comes to dinner time, i was looking around and i walked passed Gelare. There was hardly any customers so i chose a corner seat and start looking at the menu.

The Thrill Of Victory set meal kinda attracted me =)  $14.80 nett for a Oven Baked Half Chicken , 1 soup & iced lemon tea.


The iced lemon tea is not too sweet. Very refreshing =)  I like. Tomato soup was ok only lah

I like my main course =) Portion was big enough for me, i like the gravy and the chips!


Before i go home, i decide to get some brownies from Posh at Dhoby Xchange basement. I know this shop has been featured in magazines before but i wasn’t interested to try until i saw my cousin Xin Lian blog =)

Actually the base is the same. Only the toppings are different =)  When i was there, i was given some brownies to try and it’s not bad. I like the texture

I got 5 to try. From left to right – Triple Earle C (dark, milk & white chocolate) , Marsh E Mellow (toasted marshmallows) , Chill E Choc (warm spicy chocolate) , Choc P Butter (peanut butter & dark chocolate) , Wal Nutt B (triple chocolate on walnuts)

I thought the packaging is quite nice in a black sleek box with black carrier =)  Nice if u r giving it as a gift to someone


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