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Spa Again With Xin Lian =)

Posted on: October 12, 2008

11-10-08 (Sat)

Seems like whenever there’s a spa promo, i will ask Xin Lian along =)  It’s good bonding time for us too and the both of us enjoy going for spa treatments

So recently i saw a UOB card promo for Spa Thematique at Holland Road Shopping Centre. It’s very reasonable so Xin Lian & i decide to try it =)

Anyway I started the day by going to Taka to get some stuff since there were 15% off for Taka Card members. Then i took a bus down to SMU to meet up with Xin Lian as she & her mum are having physio first. Then my dear 4th aunt drove us down to HV.

And my dear cousin brought me to this cafe that’s at the top level of  Holland Road Shopping Centre.

Since we are having massage later, we just have a salad each =)

I had Tandoori Chicken Salad

This is Xin Lian’s salad

It’s quite a nice cosy place and it wasn’t too crowded on a sat (we reach around 3pm). And i had a good time chatting with Xin Lian =) 

And it’s been so long since i last went to HV so it was nice to be back and explore the area a bit.

So after enjoying our yummy salads, we walked around the shopping centre before going for our massage and i got myself a nice necklace =)

And soon it’s time for our massage =)  I was kinda excited as i’ve never heard about Spa Thematique before and when we arrived, i was telling Xin Lian that the place looks kinda dubious as it looks very dark. Haha

But it turns out to be pretty gd =)  Apparently it’s a very nice small cosy place with friendly staff =)  And it is a new spa (just open for 4 mths). And they currently only have 2 rooms but they will be expanding as they rent another space that’s behind them and renovations will start soon

We were also given nice oriental design slippers to wear

The whole place has a very oriental theme. Lovely oriental lanterns =)

Anyway there was a very good promo by UOB card

 Signature Oriental Massage (60 mins) for $28 + Top-up just S$8 to enjoy the “Signature Royal Touch” (90 mins = massage + scrub)

So both us top up $8 to enjoy the scrub. But since we went on a weekend, there was a surcharge of $10 but it’s still reasonable at a total price of $46 =)

For those who are keen to go for this promo, i would recommend Suttini =)  A very nice motherly figure and she makes me feel very comfortable during my spa treatment

And this lady (should be the boss) was very nice too. And best thing is there was no hard selling! =)   She just let us know what package and treatments they have and that’s it! Btw they serve very nice ginger tea too =)

  • Spa Thematique
  • Holland Road Shopping Centre
  • 211 Holland Ave #03-40/41
  • Tel: 64696949



After spa, we went to look for Yiqi who was at Tango with his gf Jane =)  The 3 of them are going to their fren’s place for bbq but Yiqi was so nice to give me a lift and drop me off at Far East Plaza =)

After i’m done at FEP , i called my bro and see if he’s keen to meet up for dinner. He was going to Chinatown with Angeline so i took the mrt down to meet them! I can stock up on my hair product & other stuff at People’s Park =)

I was pretty tired when it comes to dinner time. Usually after massage, i’m very “Nua” =)

Rem this “Char Kway Teow” stall which i’ve mention before

My bro had this and i took some to try but i don’t quite like it coz there’s not enough sweet sauce. Both my bro & Angeline agrees but they  still find the taste ok

I  think i enjoy the “Chui Kway” the most. Nice =)

“Wantan Noodle”. As i was tired and i’m not sure what i want to try that night, i chose noodle lah. It taste ok lah…. Not very fantastic

Overall it’s a good, pampering but tired day. Haha. But it’s a day well spent =)


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