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East Coast Korean BBQ

Posted on: October 18, 2008

Recently both my bro & i got craving for korean bbq so off we went to the one at east coast =)

One advice for everyone! Haha… Don’t take KPE when u r very hungry! Look at the sign… Speed limit is 70 and it seems to take forever to reach east coast

But both of us didn’t know and my bro wanted to try this route =)

Can u guess how hungry we were when we reach the place! Wahaha =)

This is my favourite side dish. I dunno y but i just enjoyed it very much =)

And one thing i like abt korean bbq is that the side dishes they provide. Keeps my tummy happy while i wait for the main course to come =)

It’s my 2nd time having the lunch bbq here and somehow i enjoyed it more during my first visit.

On my previous visit, i forgot to order the lunch special as it’s included in the buffet (1 dish per pax). So both my bro & i had the Spicy Tofu Soup & Hot Stone Bowl Rice

Spicy Tofu Soup. Both of us enjoyed this =)

Hot Stone Bowl Rice. My bro find it too moist but i like it =) 

Personally i like this a lot. Firstly i like seaweed & the taste is very appetising. So in between the meal, i will take a few sip of this. This will be served to u with the side dishes =)

This place is not bad. If it’s your first time to this place, can give it a try lah and see if u like it =)

U can refer to my previous write up on this restaurant



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