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Things That Makes Me Smile =)

Posted on: October 18, 2008

This is a post to share some things i’ve done/someone that i’ve seen recently that makes me smile =)

One day i woke up and went to wash up and i saw this =)  It was a pleasant surprise to see this heart shaped mark formed by toothpaste.

My dear Athena =)  She enjoy playing with my red camera pouch. And she was so cute to keep looking into my coach bag, wanting to see what’s inside =) 

Recently brought my grandma to serangoon north to do her hair. Since she will take about 2 hours+ so i decide to drop by my eldest aunt’s place =) 

Athena with her maid “Sa Di” (i dunno how to spell her name). My eldest aunt is very lucky to have such a good maid. She is a very capable & honest lady and she’s been with my eldest aunt for close to 11 yrs already. Thank god got her to help look after Athena =)

Initally when i reach, i was so thirsty and “Sa Di” was so nice to offer me her home made Soya Bean Milk And it’s YUMMY!!! =)

Sa Di” showed me some of the art & craft pieces that Athena did at school. And Athena proudly took this elephant mask that she did and show it to me =)  So adorable! Gu Gu luv u lah =)

Athena paste the details slowly onto the flowers =)  Nice ba! I’m so proud of her

Recently met up with my friend Wenhui to pass her a gift for her wedding. I got this custom made for her & personally i like it a lot. Glad Wenhui like it too =)

For those who are interested, can check out this website http://www.galleriafunplates.blogspot.com/


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