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My Grandma Birthday Celebration At Jumbo =)

Posted on: October 20, 2008

18-10-08 (Sat)

Firstly a red packet for my grandma to wish her good health & stay happy always =)

I like the top my mum wore for the dinner. I’m gonna get her more of such tops =)

Usually for family dinners, we go to Jumbo =)

Since it’s my grandma’s birthday celebration,  “Shou Tao” is a must have item for her


 We had Lobster!!! =)  I was sitting with the adults and we had it steamed with salted egg while the other tables for my cousins, they had the cheese version. Both taste yummy. Hee

Chilli Crab & Man Tou is always a popular dish!! Again both tables had different versions – Adults had Chilli Crabs while the cousins side had Black Pepper Crabs 

Finally the dessert


That night was quite enjoyable as everyone was taking turns to sing. And i must compliment my cousin Andy for his singing. It’s really not bad and his voice suits hokkien songs. Hee =)

After dinner, everyone went to my house for cake cutting =)


The Premium D24 Durian cake that i got from Emicake =) 

The wordings are quite cute ba. Hee! I saw it on someone’s blog before and i thought i can use these wordings on the cake this yr =)

My grandma rarely smile for the camera as she’s always so shy. Haha. Thanks to my cousin Xin Lian who manage to take a nice pic of her smiling =) 

Can see my grandma was very happy =)  She was smiling happily when she was cutting the cake after making a wish.

Happy Birthday Grandma!!! =)  May You Strike 4D soon! Haha

P.S: Anyway i’m quite unhappy with Emicake delivery service. Last yr the cake was smashed at the sides (but they were nice and efficent to send a new cake on time) & this yr they can deliver to the wrong unit to my neighbour’s house *headache*. I even had to walk to over to get the cake so what’s the point of delivery

My name & contact details are correct except for address. And when i called up Compass Point branch, they told me i wrote the right address and it’s the main office who type it wrongly =(

Anyway i’ve called and email to complain and see if they will do something about it a not. Fustrating.

Their durian cakes are really good but i dunno what’s wrong with their delivery service lah


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