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Thanks to Women’s Weekly for the 1 for 1 booklet, i got the chance to try out quite a few new places which i’ve not been to =)


This time i went to Spice Brasserie at Parkroyal On Kitchener Road with my brother & Angeline. Heard from Angeline that it’s quite good =)


The interior

For the upper picture is part of the buffet spread. You can get sushi, sashimi, mee siam, steamed fish & stir fried vegetables.

And despite the 1 for 1 offer, there wasn’t much crowd. I find it a nice place for a quiet dinner

Now let’s see what we have eaten






It’s not just purely porridge buffet. It’s more like international spread =)  I find it not too bad & i quite enjoy the buffet. But i wish the choices for desserts could be more. And i didn’t quite enjoy the dessert part, not very nice in my opinion.

Service wise, they are quite ok. And there was a handsome waiter! =)  Makes the whole dinner even more pleasant for me. Haha

I’ve managed to try out 3 places from this Women’s Weekly 1 for 1 offer. Looking forward to the next one and see what else i can try =)

  • Spice Brasserie
  • Parkroyal On Kitchener Road
  • Level 2
  • Tel: 6428 3160

.Just want to share this news with everyone =)  For those who want to get Levi’s jeans, it’s a good time now! Just bring any full length jeans (can be any brands) and they will deduct $50 from your purchase.

Think this promotion had been going on for quite some time but they kept extending it. Hee! So recently went to Metro @ Sengkang to look at the jeans with Phy & the both of us got something that we like =)

But i was told that this trade in offer will end on end of this month. Not sure if they will extend this offer again but if you are keen, go and get your jeans soon lah =)

After shopping, Phylicia suggested going to Swensen’s for ice cream as there’s a 1 for 1 promotion by Citibank =)


Very worth it with the 1 for 1 offer. We paid only $5 each for the sundaes! =)  I had the Nutty Mighty while Phy had Chocolate Crunch.

If only everyday can be like this! Shopping & makan with all sorts of discounts and 1 for 1 offers =)

Another 1 for 1 promotion by Women’s Weekly =)  So i went with my brother & Angeline to try out the ala carte buffet recently on monday night.

But before i comment on the food, i want to complain about the service. When i called to make reservations, the first person who answer my call, told me that it was full already for monday dinner. And she sound sarcastic when she asked if i’m coming for the 1 for 1 promotion even before i mention it!

So i try again a few minutes later, this time it’s a guy who answer and he politely told me that reservation is available for monday night! Such extreme service by 2 different people ={

Anyway let’s talk about the food now! 





Some of my favourites that i can remember are the steamed prawns, shark fins, prawn salad , sea cucumber & mushroom dish , yam ring (but not the sweet & sour pork) , sliced fish , Ee fu noodle , fried kway teow with venison , jelly fish , fried soon hock. Ate quite a lot, can’t remember all.

There’s also some which really can’t make it like Baked oysters in cheese & mustard (yucky combi), steamed scallop , spring chicken (i find it kind of bloody so i didn’t dare to try).

As all dishes comes in small portions so with 3 persons, we manage to try quite a lot of items.


By the time we had desserts, my tummy was about to explode! Haha. Personally i like the glutinous ball with grated peanuts & sesame & mango sago. Angeline enjoyed the red bean pancake a lot. Hee

This buffet is alright only but it’s the company that counts! =)  And since there’s 1 for 1 promo, it’s a good chance to try out new places lah. And thanks to my brother who treated me to this meal.

But if i were to try such chinese style ala carte buffet again, i’m keen to try out Peony Jade Restaurant & The Paramount =)  I heard the food are pretty good!

  • Hai Xiang Restaurant
  • Parkroyal On Kitchener Road , Level 3
  • Tel: 6428 3170

Thanks to Women Weekly where they had a booklet of 1 for 1 offers =)  So the first stop was at Friends with Liping.


The interior actually looks darker when i was there. Nice & cosy… Good choice for a date with someone or a meal with gal pals =)

By the way, we were at the Serangoon Gardens outlet (just beside Coffee Bean). Surprisingly there wasn’t any crowd during lunch hour. Including us, there was only 3 tables occupied!

Anyway let me show you what we had =)  Since it’s a 1 for 1 offer for set lunch/dinner, we opt for the set meal (3 course set @ $29.90++) to try


The complimentry bread was alright. For starter, both of us had soup & it was seafood chowder! I like it =) 

For main course, Liping had Pan Fried Silver Perch Fillet (with potato & leek stew & olive tapenade cream). I tried a bit & the fish is good & fresh! If i’m back for lunch, i’ll definitely try this =)

As for me, i had Braised Pork Fillet (with potato & mushroom ragout). Mine is not bad but if the pork fillet can be more tender, it will be even better =)  But i really enjoy the potato & mushroom ragout! Nice!!


For desserts, both of us top up $8 for the Warm Valrhona Chocolate Lava Cake With Ice Cream. I’ve always like warm chocolate cake especially when the warm chocolate sauce oozes out! OMG…. =)  And the one over here is good in my opinion.

Anyway it’s great to meet up with my friend Liping ,doing some catching up with her , enjoying some coffee before we end the meal =)

So for those who got the voucher, can try out the set lunch here! Hope you will like it =)

  • Friends @ Chomp Chomp (beside Coffee Bean)
  • 1 Maju Ave #01-01A
  • Serangoon Garden Village
  • (S) 556679
  • Tel: 6289 2600

I used to enjoy going to parkway parade food court with my classmate Christina & her best friend. At that time, my 2 favourite stalls were the steamboat & this mee siam/mee rebus stall =)


So recently after the ba kut teh session at joo chiat, my brother drove us to parkway to walk around & digest off the yummy food.

But before we go home, Angeline wanted to have grass jelly. I took some from my brother and it was quite refreshing though i find it a bit sweet. Hee

And then my eyes start to look around and i spotted the mee siam stall. Suddenly got cravings and my bro knew i “bei tahan” so order a plate of mee siam to share =)  OMG… Look at the portion & it’s good!

Really happy that i was at parkway as i get to enjoy the mee siam.

What a good choice for lunch on a sunday afternoon. Thanks to my brother & Angeline who brought me & my mum to Joo Chiat for yummy bak kut teh =)


Drove passed this bak kut teh shop quite a few times before & I’m glad i can finally try it


Seems like they have a long history! =)  Can’t wait to try out the bak kut teh as i always enjoy drinking the soup.


The black sauce with cut red chilli is a must for me! Love to dip into this combination for the sweet & spicy taste. I like the “Kiam Cai” here. I even order a 2nd plate =)


My brother order the prime ribs $12 portion for the bak kut teh. The ribs are nice & tender + i was so delighted when the auntie kept adding soup for us. Hee! Love the flavourful dark peppery soup.

We also had the pig trotters & this claypot of innards (liver, kidney & meat). I like fatty meat but somehow i’m not a fan of pig trotters. According to my brother, he likes it lah =)  As for the claypot of innards, it’s not bad. I quite enjoy it.

I will be back to try out the other dishes & of course the “Bak Kut Teh”!!! =)

It’s a good place to come for supper too since it’s open 24 hours

  • Sin Heng Claypot Bak Kut Teh (Close on Monday)
  • 439 Joo Chiat Road (next to Joo Chiat CC)
  • S’pore 427652
  • Tel: 6345 8754

Yesterday met up with my bestie @ Swensen’s Compass Point for breakfast =)  It’s one of our favourite place to go as the both of us like the breakfast set & it’s quite near for us to go to Compass Point

Recently have not been meeting her (close to 2 months) & i really miss her & Penelopy =)  So i was really looking forward to see the both of them


Usually i order the pancakes (banana) set & it’s quite a good spread for $8.90 =)  It’s what you see in the picture & it also include 1 orange/apple juice & 1 coffee/tea.

We also order ice cream for Penelopy and it’s great to see her enjoying it =)  She’s so cute lah! Everytime i see her, she always seems to look a bit different & she will learn new words or things. Kids nowadays are really smart & they learn fast.


As usual, i’ll always take pictures of Penelopy =)  See her new hairstyle! It’s a bob hairstyle and the front part makes her looks so adorable. Initially i wasn’t used to it but after a while, i find it alright lah. Hee

And she so poor thing! We were taking the mrt back to punggol and during boarding, her tiny legs fell into the gap & when Phy pulled her up, 1 of her crocs fell into the rail tracks! ={  Crocs is Penelopy’s favourite shoes.

So when we reach punggol, we went to the control station to make a report & see if they can retrieve the shoe. But Phy told me today that they can’t find it

So wasted as Phy got the exact same pair of crocs in the same colour & design.

But overall it was a good day that’s well spent with the both of them. It’s always great to hang out with my bestie =)  While Penelopy was having her nap, we looked at wedding pictures of Kenny & Phy 2004 wedding & we had a good time chatting about the past. It was great!!

Sorry that i didn’t go for dinner as i had plans with my family but i should be meeting you soon if nothing goes wrong =)  Hugz!


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