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Halloween At Night Safari With Cousins

Posted on: November 2, 2008

31st Oct’08 (Fri)

Thanks to my cousin Xin Lian who organized this outing =)  I was pretty excited about it as it’s my first time celebrating Halloween at Night Safari.

We met up at AMK Hub first for dinner at Fish & Co



The one i had is a new item on the menu. Sole Fillet With Sambal Sauce =)  I like this and it’s something that i will order again. But the portion for the fish was kind of big for me and i couldn’t finish it 

I also top up $5 to get the set meal. I always like the clam chowder soup here! For drink, i chose the passion fruit drink. Overall a good satisfying & yummy meal with my cousins =)

After dinner, it’s time for us to go to Night Safari =)



Some people (mostly young people & caucasians) were really ON and dressed up to suit the occassion.


And it was really crowded and long queue everywhere from the ticketing counter to the queue for the night show & tram ride.


We decide to go for the night show first and the indian lady in the picture, was very good at entertaining the crowd =)


Finally we are on the tram!! Guess we are all tired from the waiting in the queue. Almost fell asleep during the tram ride until….


Aaaarrrggggghhhhhh!!!! This is the creepy and scary part… It got really dark and sometimes we don’t know when someone will be walking beside the tram or suddenly jump onto the tram and scare the hell out of everyone. Haha


By the end of the tram ride, it was kind of late already. So Aaron & i grab a ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s before we leave Night Safari =)  I LUV my ice cream esp the cone which is coated with lotsa peanuts!

One last group picture before we leave =)  And if you notice, all the girls are wearing green & white! Hee. Such a coincidence =)

Thanks to Yiqi who came to pick us up. That night all of us went to stay over at Xin Lian’s place. Damn tired and slept soon after a good shower.  

Till our next cousins outing =)  Hugz


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