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Dim Sum At Peach Garden

Posted on: November 4, 2008

2nd Nov’08 (Sun)


It’s Dim Sum Day again!!! =)  This time back to Peach Garden at Thomson Plaza with my brother & Angeline. Wanted to bring my grandma along as my parents are not in s’pore but she don’t want. Haiz!

It’s my 3rd time back at Peach Garden & 2nd time at this Thomson Plaza branch.


I like the dim sum at Peach Garden as it’s good & yummy. Price may be higher but indulge once in a while is ok ba =)  And for the quality and service that we are paying, i find it worth it lah

I always enjoy going for dim sum with my brother & Angeline as we all love having dim sum & the more the merrier, can eat more too =)

Beside Peach Garden, i also like Red Star at Chin Swee & Imperial Treasure at Taka. Looking forward to try out new places for more yummy dim sum!

By the way, don’t try the shrimp & pork floss rice roll aka chee cheong fun. All of us don’t like it & i find the taste of this combi kind of weird ={


Good news is now Peach Garden offer 15% off with 3 credit cards (UOB, Citibank & 1 more but i forgot which bank). I remember that on my first visit (around early this year), there was no discount at all.

Dear Iryn, thanks for the suggestion to add in a picture of the receipt =) 

  • Peach Garden Restaurant
  • Thomson Plaza #01-88
  • Tel: 6451 3233

3 Responses to "Dim Sum At Peach Garden"

hehe u should also take a pic of the receipt & show us mah .. =)

Hihi…. I’ve added in a pic of the receipt =) Hope it helps with the info on the prices. Hee

hehe thanks =D

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