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Nice Jap Food But With An Attitude Boss

Posted on: November 6, 2008

Yesterday met up with my friend Liping and since we were at Far East Plaza, she suggest a small jap restaurant at level 5


Before i start to introduce this place, just a reminder to everyone that this is not a place to sit long and chit chat. Read on and you will know why

The whole place is really quite small. The moment u walked in, you will see a U-shaped counter which can seat about 16 people. Liping told me it’s best if u try to reach early (weekday) at about 6-6.30pm to get a seat. We reach around 6.40pm and manage to get 2 seats =).

I can’t imagine the queue on weekends!

So when you are done, pay up and leave (but that doesn’t mean u need to rush through your meal lah) so other customers can come in (and there’s always a long queue according to my friend & i witness it myself last night)

The moment you are seated, u will be charged $2 per seat and u can choose a drink of your choice (green tea, soft drink or mineral water)

Now let’s see what the both of us had for dinner


Bottom right picture is the appetizer given to everyone. It’s pretty good leh! =)

And for the main course, the top left pic is what Liping had and it comes with a bowl of hot udon and fruits ($15). I try the salmon sashimi and it’s really good!

For me, i chose the unagi set and it’s one huge whole piece!!! And it comes with a bowl of rice, miso soup & fruits ($15)

I find the portion is generous and price is reasonable. Worth trying if you have not been here before =)

But while i find the food is good, be prepared to face 2 not so smiley uncle (the cook) & auntie (helper??). But this is definitely not a service-oriented restaurant as we don’t pay any gst & service charge.

To the extent that i don’t even dare to laugh too loudly. Haha! But don’t be offended and just enjoy your meal =)  Overall it was still a good experience as i had a good meal with Liping and got to do some catching up with her =)

By the way, try not to come in big group. I saw a lady came in and asked for 4 seats but there was only 2 empty ones. The auntie replied her saying “either u take these 2 seats first or else go out and wait again for 4 seats if u want to sit together”

I will definitely be back again to try out other dishes such as chawanmushi & this hot pot dish. I saw these 2 gals who were sitting beside me having it and it looks really yummy!! =)

  • Wasabi Tei
  • #05-70 Far East Plaza

6 Responses to "Nice Jap Food But With An Attitude Boss"

hey gal….agree that the boss is super attitude….but i alwiz go back for his salmon sashimi….very fresh and nice….the cod fish soup in clay pot is really yummy….:)

Yup…. The salmon sashimi is really good!! =) And now u mention the cod fish claypot soup makes me hungry.

I can still rem how it looks like coz it looks really gd & i can see it’s really one of the popular dish in the restaurant!

Wah so nice! haha thanks for the recommendation! I’ll go try them next time! By the way, I clicked in from renzze’s website. 😉

I go find food now..haha so hungry

Hi Kelvin =) Welcome to my blog. Hee

Do try out this jap restaurant. Hope you will like the food! Btw i be adding u to my blogroll. Hope you don’t mind =)

Thanks thanks! I will definitely go try it out! I’m a jap foodie! haha anything that is recommended will be explored! I’ll add you too when I get back to Singapore.

Thanks again June!

You are welcome! =) And thanks for adding me too. Have a good week ahead!

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