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Bukit Purmei Lor Mee

Posted on: November 14, 2008

Yesterday had lunch with my grandma & 3 other aunts. And my 4th aunt decides to bring us to Bukit Purmei for Lor Mee.


There was quite a long queue for this lor mee. No wonder my 4th aunt got me to go and queue first while she park her car =)  And some came in big group (mostly working colleagues) and bought 6-7 bowls of lor mee thus the longer waiting time.

But i found it alright, maybe i was chatting with my 4th & youngest aunt so not so bored from the waiting. Hee


Look! They even got a green book award =)  Ok… I must admit i’m not very sure what this green book award is all about but it sure sounds good.

And i just love the ingredients in lor mee + i’m a noodle lover! Great combination for me.

They work in a very systematic way. You order from the auntie wearing red and she will prepare and cook the noodles while the other lady put the ingredients.


When the bowl of lor mee is ready, this uncle will put the gravy for u + collect payment. A very nice chatty uncle and i’m glad he’s not stingy with the chilli & vinegar. U know lah… How some can show black face when u request for more chilli, etc. So over here, i happily put more chilli, vinegar, cut red chilli + garlic. 1 word…. SHIOK!!!! =)


I opt for the flat yellow noodle + bee hoon =)  Wow… It taste superb! And they got this crunchy fried ingredient (show in the bottom right picture) which i thought adds a nice touch to it. I like “Lor Ba & Char Siew” in my lor mee too. Gravy was thick but not sticky. Personally i like it very much & portion was just nice for me.

By the way i had the $2.50 (red bowl) one. They also has $3 & $3.50. $3.50 should be the yellow bowl which i see quite a lot of people having it.

While queuing, i notice one of the ingredients is pork chop but $2.50 one don’t include this. Next time shall go for the $3 one! Hee

So if you like lor mee, can try out this stall. Just look out for the long queue. Hee. It’s located at the corner of the coffeeshop

  • Blk 109 Bukit Purmei Road
  • Kopi O Coffeeshop
  • Opening Hours: 7am-3.30pm
  • Close on Monday

5 Responses to "Bukit Purmei Lor Mee"

hello, i know this store too, my parents love their lor mee, and they always got long Q. haha. but kind of far and ulu though

I agree with the ulu part esp when i’m the kind with bad sense of direction. Hee

i used to be a fan and eat it every week since i live in bt purmei last time. but now, they put much more MSG, so much that after eating it you suffer from massive dehydration… i drink 13 cups already (and still counting) and my mouth is still dry from the high MSG!

it’s still worth a try, provided you drink lots n lots of water! no choice, everything is more expensive, they are probably saving on the lor mee stock by putting more MSG seasoning.

Hi James, i was quite ok after eating the lor mee. Maybe my tolerance for msg is higher?? Hee

But from the way u describe, it should taste even better in the past. At least without the thirsty part =)

Yes, when I was young it was my favourite food there. On Sunday mornings we would be the first in the queue and ta-bao back home for breakfast. Those were the days 🙂

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