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At Swensen’s With Phy & Penelopy

Posted on: November 16, 2008

Yesterday met up with my bestie @ Swensen’s Compass Point for breakfast =)  It’s one of our favourite place to go as the both of us like the breakfast set & it’s quite near for us to go to Compass Point

Recently have not been meeting her (close to 2 months) & i really miss her & Penelopy =)  So i was really looking forward to see the both of them


Usually i order the pancakes (banana) set & it’s quite a good spread for $8.90 =)  It’s what you see in the picture & it also include 1 orange/apple juice & 1 coffee/tea.

We also order ice cream for Penelopy and it’s great to see her enjoying it =)  She’s so cute lah! Everytime i see her, she always seems to look a bit different & she will learn new words or things. Kids nowadays are really smart & they learn fast.


As usual, i’ll always take pictures of Penelopy =)  See her new hairstyle! It’s a bob hairstyle and the front part makes her looks so adorable. Initially i wasn’t used to it but after a while, i find it alright lah. Hee

And she so poor thing! We were taking the mrt back to punggol and during boarding, her tiny legs fell into the gap & when Phy pulled her up, 1 of her crocs fell into the rail tracks! ={  Crocs is Penelopy’s favourite shoes.

So when we reach punggol, we went to the control station to make a report & see if they can retrieve the shoe. But Phy told me today that they can’t find it

So wasted as Phy got the exact same pair of crocs in the same colour & design.

But overall it was a good day that’s well spent with the both of them. It’s always great to hang out with my bestie =)  While Penelopy was having her nap, we looked at wedding pictures of Kenny & Phy 2004 wedding & we had a good time chatting about the past. It was great!!

Sorry that i didn’t go for dinner as i had plans with my family but i should be meeting you soon if nothing goes wrong =)  Hugz!


2 Responses to "At Swensen’s With Phy & Penelopy"

can’t help it..but to repeat myself..your goddaughter is so kawaii! 🙂

Hee… Thanks Eileen =)

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