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Hai Xiang

Posted on: November 20, 2008

Another 1 for 1 promotion by Women’s Weekly =)  So i went with my brother & Angeline to try out the ala carte buffet recently on monday night.

But before i comment on the food, i want to complain about the service. When i called to make reservations, the first person who answer my call, told me that it was full already for monday dinner. And she sound sarcastic when she asked if i’m coming for the 1 for 1 promotion even before i mention it!

So i try again a few minutes later, this time it’s a guy who answer and he politely told me that reservation is available for monday night! Such extreme service by 2 different people ={

Anyway let’s talk about the food now! 





Some of my favourites that i can remember are the steamed prawns, shark fins, prawn salad , sea cucumber & mushroom dish , yam ring (but not the sweet & sour pork) , sliced fish , Ee fu noodle , fried kway teow with venison , jelly fish , fried soon hock. Ate quite a lot, can’t remember all.

There’s also some which really can’t make it like Baked oysters in cheese & mustard (yucky combi), steamed scallop , spring chicken (i find it kind of bloody so i didn’t dare to try).

As all dishes comes in small portions so with 3 persons, we manage to try quite a lot of items.


By the time we had desserts, my tummy was about to explode! Haha. Personally i like the glutinous ball with grated peanuts & sesame & mango sago. Angeline enjoyed the red bean pancake a lot. Hee

This buffet is alright only but it’s the company that counts! =)  And since there’s 1 for 1 promo, it’s a good chance to try out new places lah. And thanks to my brother who treated me to this meal.

But if i were to try such chinese style ala carte buffet again, i’m keen to try out Peony Jade Restaurant & The Paramount =)  I heard the food are pretty good!

  • Hai Xiang Restaurant
  • Parkroyal On Kitchener Road , Level 3
  • Tel: 6428 3170

2 Responses to "Hai Xiang"

ahh.. a friend went to hai xiang and he say its average. but with the promotion is cheap. anyway i been to peony jade for their dim sum, a la carte not buffet, its not too bad, and given the price i though its quite reasonable : )

Hi Brad,

I like dim sum & since i’m keen to try out the food at Peony Jade, i guess it’s time to pay a visit! =)

Thanks for the feedback.

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