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Before we had dinner, we brought Penelopy to “Built A Bear” first.


Well…. She’s having fun helping her doggy to shower. Phy also got 1 brush for Pene to use at home! =)  In the end, she spent about $40+ on attire, shoes & the brush. Sounds kind of expensive at first but the doggy looks really nice with the whole complete look!

Dinner Time

I’m not sure if it’s just me but when i was sitting down, i thought the friction between the chair & flooring not very good , felt slippery leh.


Me & my bestie! =)

I was pretty hungry & can’t wait to eat. I leave the ordering to Phy & Kenny.



All of us had our own main course (Phy took duck porridge, i took fried kway teow & i think Kenny had a noodle dish).

Then we order some “Xiao Cai” to share lah. Can’t remember the names as i didn’t do the ordering but i thought they are pretty good.

As for my fried kway teow with chinese sausage, ok only. And i was viewing the comments on hungrygowhere & all 3 comments seems pretty good. May go back one more time & try out the nice recommended dishes

  • Tang Dian Wang (beside Fish & Co)
  • Suntec City #B1-033/036
  • Tel: 6334 3007



Just 2 weeks ago, it’s was Athena’s birthday & now it’s Penelopy’s turn =) 

Just wanna share some pictures that i took with her since she was born till now. I took quite a lot of pictures with her & i had a hard time sorting out the pictures so i try my best lah =)


I’m so happy to find this picture! It’s very significant to me cause i took this first picture with Penelopy when i visited her & Phy @ the hospital =) Just look at her!!

And i’m thankful to friendster where i manage to save quite a bit of old photos cause after my brother re-format the pc, a lot of photos were gone.

The photos are not really in sequence cause as i go through tons of pictures & while trying to combine them with photoscape, i see until my eyes got blur so i really can’t organize well + i’m tired. Haha

And i just did it today so Phy, if you are seeing this post, pai seh lah! Only manage to have some time today when i reach home in the late noon to do this special entry for her =)







As i looked through the pictures, it brings a smile to my face. Looking at how much she has grown =)  Even though i can get fustrated by her at times (Haha), she’s still lovable lah!

I’m so sorry i didn’t get to visit u recently to celebrate with you. Nowadays God Ma really busy! Will see you soon ok! =)  I love you!!

Happy 2nd Birthday Penelopy!! =)  Hugz

21st Dec’08 (Night)

Jeremy & Michelle invited me to their church for X’mas caroling. I was quite excited about it cause it’s my first time attending such an event at a church

But first we had to fill up our tummy first so i met up with Jeremy & his family for dinner =)


We went to Botak Jones at Serangoon & i had the chilli dog! It’s not too bad leh =)  But as usual the portion is big so i’m glad i got Jerald & Jeremy to help me. Hee! And thanks to Jeremy’s mum for the treat =)

And before we go to church, all of us went back to Jeremy’s place for a while & i finally got to see Bailey. He’s quite friendly to humans so i has no problem getting near him. Haha! And he was so cute…  following us to the car , thinking it’s time to go out! Sorry lah… Next time ok!

When we were at the church, i was quite impressed with the X’mas decorations but i forgot to take pictures! The main hall was pretty spacious too =)


Group picture with everyone. But forgot to include Jerald & Michelle’s mum


This is Jeremy’s mum =)  She’s a very nice lady & i get along very well with her. Maybe partly because we both the jovial “siao siao” kind ba. Wahahaha!


Anyway the whole preformance which lasted about 2 hours was quite good! It was entertaining & nice experience for me =)

I just simply like X’mas season. It was great meeting up with friends & gather with family! And i got more to update on my blog. Doing it slowly on a daily basis! Hee

Hope everyone had fun during this year X’mas =)

21th Dec’08 (Sun)

I remember about 10 years ago, when i first got to know Randy at ITE Tampines, i thought he looks like “chao ah beng” because of his looks. Haha.

And now he’s a dad =)  Quite nice to see him with his happy family (a lovely wife & son). And it was great to be able to catch up with the rest but a pity thst some couldn’t make it

Anyway wanna thanks Magdelene & Ah Boon for picking me up at the mrt station . I really appreciate it =)  Hugz


This is Baby Sarah! =)  She’s 7 months old now & she has grown quite a lot! The last time i saw her was around july =)


And this is Magdelene =)  Sarah’s mummy….


Look at the guy beside Magdelene…. It’s her hubby! Also my classmate from ITE Tampines. Does Baby Sarah looks like her dad??? When i visited Sarah in July, i was telling Mag that i feel like Ah Boon was staring at me!! Haha. Looks almost the same lor =)

Anyway it was great to see Patrick too. Haven’t seen him for so long!! Now you got a stable gf, get married quickly & invite us to your wedding ok =)  Hee

Magdelene was suggesting to have a gathering at her place next mth which i thought it’s great!! =)  I’m looking forward to it 


Merry Christmas everyone!! =) 

I simply love this festive month & i’m looking forward to tonight’s dinner at my 4th aunt’s place.

But now i’m relaxing , enjoying my bowl of mee pok & a nice cup of hot coffee while i’m updating my blog.

Anyway i shall write about the gathering that i had with my secondary school friends. This time it was held at Vincent & Wileen’s place.

On that day, Liqing & Andrew were very nice to offer to come & pick me up. But we were almost 2 hours late (if i remember correctly). Haha! But it’s for a good reason… Cause Liqing has to let Baby Clarice get enough sleep first & when she wakes up then she can leave the house =)


And i was greeted by this cutie when i got onto the car =)  Clarice is 8 mths old now! I’ve not seen her for a few months & she has grown so much.


Another cutie is Penelopy!  I was surprised that she likes the cookie =)

It was good that Wileen’s place is very well equipped with lots of toys as Penelopy was enjoying herself. That’s the advantage when you go to friends place who have kids (it’s Wileen’s SIL kids).

By the way, no pics of the food as i was so hungry when i reach Wileen’s place. Hee. But the food that she has ordered was pretty good & there was desserts too – chin chow & brownie with ice cream!


I got this mango log cake for everyone & i managed to take some pictures when Vincent took it out. So happened i was walking around taking pictures so timing was just nice.



It was great to do some catching up with everyone! 

I hope everyone is enjoying their X’mas celebrations =)  Hugz!!

In about 1/2 an hour, it will be 25th Dec & it’s Christmas!! =)  So have everyone been busy with parties, gatherings , shopping?? 

I’ve been a little busy but happy to see my cousins & friends =)

Recently on the 19th – 21st , i happened to be meeting my cousins & friends. So this year i decide to give everyone a little something


I’ve got these message lollies from Famous Amos! =)  I think it’s a good neutral gift for both guys & girls. As i’ve also got a good friend a box of cookies from Famous Amos earlier on & i discover the message lolly from the brochure.

Will be back to update more & meanwhile i hope everyone is enjoying their X’mas eve with their loved ones!! Hugz =)

Ok…. Maybe i’m sensitive but i’m kind of upset by a comment that was made on my facebook.

I reached home, went online & was surprised to see quite a lot of comments on my recent added photos & while going through the comment, i saw one which i didn’t quite like

Then another thing that bothers me is about this particular person. Please contact your & my friends. Everyone can’t get you & it’s really fustrating to have everyone asking me what happened. Please be responsible for all your clients!! Haiz.

Then my grandma nag non stop. It’s nice to live with grandparents but not nagging ones. I’m not really blaming her but when you are in a bad mood, i can’t take it

I feel like crying (which i did last night) & i’m getting breathless from all the anger ={  *sob*


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