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2008 Has Been A Sad & Chaotic Year

Posted on: December 2, 2008

Somehow i don’t really like the year 2008.

Sad is because this year my 2nd aunt & 2 of my aunts’ mother in law has passed away. I know this day will eventually come to everyone but when it happened, really hard to accept.

And this year a few natural disasters happened which cost death, lost of loved ones, lost their homes, etc.

Then recently bangkok is very chaotic too. I got friends who have planned for a holiday trip to bangkok & i hope they have cancelled their plans. Safety is more important!

And the recent mumbai attack which caused deaths of the innocent. My heart really ache for the 28 yr old s’porean Lo Hwei Yen who died in this terrible incident. Even though i don’t know her but judging from the way her family & friends description, she seems to be a really nice girl.

And she was just there for work & i’m sure she was looking forward to be home with her loved ones! And now what they see is her body instead ={


I hope you are in a better place now & i pray that her husband & family stay strong!! Hugz.

And to all my loved ones & friends, no matter where you are, i sincerely hope everyone stay safe & happy!


I hope there be more love in this world…. No more killing!!! Please don’t hurt the innocent people! 


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