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An Eventful Day With Phy & Penelopy!

Posted on: December 2, 2008

Recently met up with my bestie at her mum’s place. And since Junction 8 is just nearby , i told Phy we should just go there for lunch. And i was so glad that we didn’t go to orchard as it was very hard to handle Penelopy that day ={  I almost went crazy…. Haha 


So cute right! But when she gets naughty… Haiz! Hee. But i suppose all kids are like that & i’m not a mum myself so lack of experience in taking care of kids.

Playing with kids is fun but taking care is really not easy!!


I took some pictures with Penelopy in the car when we were on the way to J8. I gave the same smile & expressions but at least Pene gave a different look for all 3 pictures =)  But it was not an easy ride as she was climbing here and there, all over the back seat. I hardly have to handle her in this way so i find it really kind of fustrating & tiring. Haa


And i was so happy when we reached Crystal Jade as i was getting really hungry. And i was so silly that day! Haha… Cause we order some dim sum to share & most were prawns & i still order shrimp wantan noodles for myself! It was a prawns overdose meal for me that day ={

But food were good lah & i still enjoyed my lunch!! =)

After lunch , we walked around & went to the kids department & Penelopy was enjoying herself!


She looks quite pro in shopping huh!

As Penelopy wanted to get a sling bag & Phy was trying to decide if barbie or dora was better. I told her don’t take dora as i thought she look kind of retarded! Haha. I dont know why i said that =P  And then Phy “forced” me to take some pictures with Dora!









Seems like we have the same hairstyle! Sorry sister… I shouldn’t have say you look retarded! I take back what i’ve said ok =) Haa

I was a good girl that day. I didn’t buy anything but i got something for Penelopy & Athena =)


This barney set is for Athena while Penelopy got a barbie sling bag & barney passport holder =)

After shopping, i suggest to phy that we go Swensen’s for ice cream as the citibank 1 for 1 promo was still on =)  It feels so great to sit down & rest while enjoying some ice cream!

And when we are back at Phy’s mum place, i quickly rest! Yes…. I’m tired lah! Really bei tahan. Thank god there’s the maid to help look after Penelopy

Dinner Time!!! 

Kenny wanted to go to Expo for the pc fair so he drop us off at parkway parade for dinner. Initally Phy & i were very happy as we wanted to go for our favourite steamboat at the foodcourt. It’s been quite a long time since we had the steamboat here.

But Penelopy chose to wake up at this crucial moment so we can’t go already cause with her itchy hands, steamboat dinner not a good choice with the hot soup & everything! Haiz. I was a bit disappointed ={

So guess where did we go instead???









Crystal Jade again!!!! Haha

But it’s always a good neutral choice for both adults & kids =)


Look at Pene’s “hao lian” face!! Haha

Anyway that night, Phy & i share this pumpkin dish & in the pumpkin, there’s yam, chicken & mushroom if i remember correctly. It’s not too bad & i thought it’s goes quite well with our congee =)

But Penelopy don’t like the pumpkin leh! She shows a unhappy face when Phy tried to feed her some with congee. Headache ah!

I don’t know why Penelopy was super hard to handle that night too. Don’t really want to walk or sit in the stroller!


So when we decide to walk around Giant, Phy went to get a trolly & put Penelopy in & she likes it! But when you stop, she will try to climb out or grab hold of the stuff on the shelves.

The whole day was really a test of my stamina & patience!

And i didn’t handle her a lot if compared to Phy.


And we ended the night at Ya Kun with hot drinks for us & some bread for Penelopy. As she didn’t eat much earlier on, the bread can fill up her tummy! Also she enjoys sitting on the chair at Ya Kun + she love the bread.

Finally some peace & quiet + a good rest!

Penelopy… You are still cute & lovable lah despite being naughty at times. I still love u! Hugz.

Phy… Great outing with you even though it was quite a tiring one! Hope we can still go for the musical =)  Remember to talk to your mum ok! Hee


5 Responses to "An Eventful Day With Phy & Penelopy!"

hahahaha… guess what..i totally understand how u feel ! kids of her age is like that one … wait till she gets older 😛 i get really tired too after a day out with my god daughter.. hehee

Hey Tingyi, I didn’t realize u took so many photos. Do email me the photos when u can ok? Heehee.

Btw, I’ve got the ‘GO’ from my mum. Will call u soon to arrange a day for the musical. Yay!

Hi Eileen, i actually saw a similar post in your blog too! Haha. And i was thinking “Aiyoh…. She has the same experience” =) Btw i left a comment in that post. Did you see??

Phy… That’s gd news!! Hee. I’m so happy lah! =) Btw regarding the pics, i’m in the midst of emailing to u. Pai seh cause i was out for the past few days. Will sms u once i’m done with the emailing of the pics =)

Penelopy is so cute!!!
Thanks for your belated well wishes!!!

Hi Jackson =) Thanks for the compliments on Penelopy!

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