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Siang Ping & Felicia’s Wedding – 6 & 7 Dec’08

Posted on: December 8, 2008

6th Dec’08

During the weekend i attended my friend Siang Ping’s church wedding =)  It was held at Church Of St Mary Of The Angels @ Bukit Batok.


It’s my first time @ Church Of St Mary Of The Angels & i really like the surroundings. A sense of peace around me. The interior is nice & simple =)


Got a funplate done for Siang Ping & Felicia =)  Glad he likes the gift when i pass it to him. And u see the drawing of the wedding couple?? It’s the creation of Siang Ping & Felicia & they used it on their church wedding invite =) 

And when they walked in, it was a very sweet moment! Can sense the love & happiness from them =)  And i love Felicia’s wedding gown =)  She looks really stunning! All brides are really pretty on their wedding day.


I enjoy going to church weddings! Especially the moment when they exchange rings, blessing & lighting the matrimonial candle & signing of the marriage register =) I find it nice & touching…

Really happy for the couple. After close to 10 years, they finally tie the knot =)

7th Dec’08


On the 7th, we went to Pioneer Spring Restaurant @ Safra Mount Faber (Safra Ballroom) for the wedding lunch.

That’s our table number & wedding favour =)


It’s my first time to Pioneer Spring Restaurant @ Safra Mount Faber (Safra Ballroom) & i must say the food are really not bad except for the roast chicken which was kinda salty. But it taste alright with the chilli sauce. Quite a nice place for wedding banquet =)


I like Felicia’s AD (refer to church wedding pictures) & evening gown =) She looks really gorgeous in them! All from Jazz Bridal

And after Siang Ping said his thank you speech, the sabo sessions begins… Haha


First sabo – Siang Ping has to play the guitar & sing to Felicia. If i remember correctly, it’s the same song he sang to propose to her =)

It was really sweet & i’m sure Felicia was very touched to hear this special song again from her hubby =)


2nd sabo from friends – They prepared ingredients for a salad and made Felicia mixed some stuff into it & feed Siang Ping.

Siang Ping commented that he tasted something similar from the sabo session in the AM =P

Usually the couple will be busy going to every table for photo taking & it’s no exception for them. But they manage to have some free time & Siang Ping came over to our table for a while.


Sitted with us were his secondary school friends from St Gabrial & everyone offer a toast to Siang Ping & we “Yum Seng” real loud!! Haha

Anyway it was a great wedding & i was happy to have Jeannie, Michelle & Jeremy with me as it was great to do some catching up with them =)

To Siang Ping & Felicia, i wish the both of you a blissful marriage =)


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