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Outing With My Cousins =)

Posted on: December 13, 2008

Recently my cousin Haolin from NZ is back for holidays & usually shopping & makan is a must!! =)

And i discover from online forums that Fortune Centre is actually quite a good choice for vegetarian food. I thought can give it a try & if it’s nice, can have more choices for vegetarian food =)


I was in for a pleasant surprise when i walked in =)  Quite a lot of choices for u. There’s was the “Cai Fan” & many dishes for you to choose & there was ramen (refer to top picture) where they make the noodle on the spot. And another area is where you can order food like nasi lemak , wantan mee, claypot mee, etc =)


This is what we had =)  I personally like my Claypot Ye Mee. Gravy is pretty nice & portion was just right for me. I didn’t try the rest but according to the feedback, it was not too bad.

And when i was there, i saw quite a few people having the ramen. Looks really good. I think i will try the laksa ramen if i’m back for a meal =)

  • Luo Han Vegetarian Health Food
  • Fortune Centre #01-13/14
  • 190 Middle Road
  • S’pore 188979
  • Tel: 6333 1612

After lunch, it’s time for shopping at Bugis Village! Nowadays i hardly come to bugis village. But whenever Haolin is back for a visit, we will surely bring him here =)  Anyway glad that Haolin got something for himself.

And Aaron was so funny. He was getting a pair of bermuda & we were saying “go & try lah” but he replied “no need” as he knows his size! Apparently he bought from this stall before. Kids nowadays are getting more independant. I don’t think i was out shopping by myself or with friends when i was 14. Hee

Anyway after Bugis Village, we proceed on to Bugis Junction for more shopping. And after walking around for about 2 levels, i request for a break at TCC =)

Upon reaching, the place seems quite packed. But we sat at a smaller table first & they will shift us to a bigger one when it’s available. But we could have got it earlier cause there was a couple (1 ang moh & 1 chinese lady) who was at the big table & they were very “lovey dovey” & hugging & just can’t get their butt off the seat! Haha

Anyway let’s see what we had @ TCC!!!


Aaron had the Oreo Mocha Frappe while Xin Lian had the Soursop Yoghurt Drink. Lester one is Sumatra Manheling

And see the picture of the food at the bottom right?? I think it’s a new item on the menu – Smoked Salmon Avo-bayon =)


See the close up picture!! =)  It’s nice… I like lah! Btw if u like salad, u should try the Wild Garden Salad cause it’s really good. I kind of like the dressing that they used =)  Then Lester & Aaron shared a Beef Mozza-Tofu. Looks nice too! I’m going to try it next time. Hee

Anyway something happened when we were at TCC! Halfway through the meal, we heard an annoucement from the customer service & Xin Lian turned to look @ me. “June… Did they just say your name (chinese)??” And i was thinking about the same thing!!

Everyone then start asking if i’ve drop my wallet or something & i quickly look through my bag. Hmmm… Ok leh! I didn’t lose anything. And after we left TCC, we went to make enquiry & it was actually someone else who lost her bag! Haha.


A nice group picture before we leave =)

After a good rest, we took the mrt down to Marina Square. And i saw Mango =)  Since there’s a sale, i went in with Xin Lian & see if i can find the dress that i want in my size. It was not available at the Isetan Scotts branch

And i found it! Happily went to make my payment =)

By 5.30pm, we left Marina Square & all went to my 4th aunt’s place for dinner! And we had a sumptuous meal prepared by Chef Emily!! She’s my 4th aunt’s maid & she cooks really well =)


The pizza are really good! But i could only eat 1 piece cause had quite a lot of sphagetti. Hee. There was pumpkin too & i ate quite a few pieces. I like the dressing my 4th aunt used for the salad too.

Good meal with my favourite food & loved ones around me! =)


And before i end this post, i have to post a picture of Drummer! Look at her fur… So thick & it makes her looks so cute & chubby!! =)  Hee


7 Responses to "Outing With My Cousins =)"

Luo Han Vegetarian Health outlet serves quite good food. got quite good review lorz. the nasi lemak rice very fragrant 🙂

Hi Terence =) I agree with you. Luo Han Vegetarian is a place where i will go again.

You got other recommendations?? Cause my cousin is a vegetarian so i’m hoping to get more choices to try out the food =)

I’ve been to Luo Han before as well, was really quite impressed by their twist in vegetarian food, a value for money place as well!

Hi Eileen, Luo Han is indeed not bad =) Btw u got other nice places to suggest for vegetarian food? As my cousin is a vegetarian, i’m hoping to bring him to new places to try lor.

Hmmz, I heard there’s another place in Fortune Centre which has quite positive reviews too, forgot its name but you just need to go up to the 2nd level using the escalator near Luo Han, turn left and you’ll see the place, a small eatery with gorgeous Olive Rice.

If you prefer a more comfortable restaurant setting, Grand Court in Chinatown is another widely known vegetarian place, they have a specialty dish call Ba Bao Fan (Eight Treasures Rice) which you have to pre-order in advance 🙂

Hope this helps!

Oh yah, here’s Grand Court’s website – http://www.grandcourt.com.sg

I suppose the other mentioned place doesn’t have a website ^_^”

Hi Eileen, thanks for your suggestions! Really appreciate it =) Will do a review if i’m going to these 2 places.

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