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Athena Turns 2!! =)

Posted on: December 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Athena!!! =)  Gu Gu loves u… Hugz!

Today is Athena actual birthday & i hope she be blessed with lots of love, happiness, good health

Last night i drop by my eldest aunt’s house to give Athena her present & birthday cake.


And look at her!! Haha… She took her parent’s camera & start clicking away & take pictures @ everything! It was really funny to see her doing this but she’s so cute lah


And birthdays are never complete without presents especially for kids! =)  And Athena was happily unwrapping the presents. See the pictures (bottom 3)… It’s given by Michelle =) 

And Athena was having fun pouring tea for everyone. I gave her a barney set which consist of a plate, fork, spoon & cup. Glad she likes it too =) 


And apparently Athena loves mirror =)  And the one she was holding was given by Michelle too. It was part of a vanity set but i think she’s attracted to the mirror only! Hee

Btw in the picture she was wearing the dress which i got for her when she was one. Hee… It still fits her nicely & she looks so sweet in it =)


And after dinner, it was time to cut the cake! =)  Athena parents got her an ice cream cake from Swensen & i got her a chocolate cake from Prima Deli.

Look at the happy family picture! And by next Jan/Feb, there be a new baby boy in the family =)  I’m so looking forward to see the little one. Hee

And my dear Athena was so cute… She kept taking the white chocolate part @ the side of the ice cream cake or the chocolate flower from the chocolate cake to eat =) 

Btw the ice cream cake was good. Athena’s mum Indy chose yam & chocolate flavour & the combi is good =)  I was too full to try the chocolate cake but Indy told me it’s nice.


It was a simple but happy celebration! =)  Hope Athena enjoys herself & likes the presents that everyone got for her.


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