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Jap Theme Foodcourt At Northpoint

Posted on: December 15, 2008

It’s been quite a while since i last meet up with Xiuli =)  And X’mas is approaching… Great time to meet up for a meal, do some catching up & take pictures with X’mas decor. Hee

As Xiuli stays at Yishun, i suggest to her to have dinner at the new jap theme foodcourt which is at the new extention of northpoint


The interior


Xiuli had the bento set while i had ramen. I find the food so so only


One thing i like is the char siew! =)  I luv such fatty meat…. Hee! If not, the rest of the ingredients are rather pathetic. Prawn not fresh, soggy & scallops were small. Egg is hard boiled kind.

But what’s most important is the company! =)  It’s always nice to hang out with Xiuli. Lots of things to talk about, gossip (hee) & i will never be bored.


After dinner, we proceed on to the cafe @ the library to have coffee & continue chatting =)

I got Xiuli some cookies from Famous Amos as a X’mas gift. Like the gift box that i’ve chose. I think for those who are having a hard time choosing X’mas gifts, can consider Famous Amos! I think it makes a good neutral gift for both guys & girls =)

Time flies when you are having a good time. As we still want to shop around & take pictures with the X’mas decorations, we left the cafe after we finished our drinks

We end up shopping @ a shop called “Net”. Xiuli got herself a nice jacket from here recently so i thought why not take a look =)  I was glad i manage to find a tube top & a tunic top for myself. I even got a pair of slippers as free gift since i purchase over $50. 


For me, X’mas is more complete when you take pictures with the X’mas decoration. Haha. But i admit lah… I like taking pictures too! And thanks to Xiuli who enjoys the same thing, we had lots of fun with the photo taking =)


I had such a wonderful time with Xiuli & we are planning to meet up soon for another meal =)

Thanks for being such a great friend Xiuli =)  You have been like a big sister to me & you are such a sincere person. I’m very glad that i got to know you! Hugz =)


4 Responses to "Jap Theme Foodcourt At Northpoint"

Hey my dear, I think we ate the same ramen! Haha.. had tt for lunch last thursday. Oh their ebi rice burger which is the stall next to the ramen stall is not nice at all! Made me miss MOS burger so much! I do like the theme food court though and their sashimi is fresh for food court standard.

Hey Jolene =) Such a coincidence… Hee! Btw thanks for telling me about the ebi rice burger. Both my friend & i were looking at it & we thought it’s looks kinda yummy. After hearing your comment, i better stick to MOS burger! Haha

Maybe ur taste and my taste different… =) ok e main reason why I said it’s not nice:

The ebi rice was a tad too dry for my liking. It had mayo instead of the dripping teriyaki kinda sauce and I totally dislike the pairing of mayo with the prawn. It din go too well with the rice patty. MOS ebi is soooooo delicious with the sauce draping and seeping into the rice. My sis who is a fan of MOS ebi rice burger tot tt mayo shouldn’t be pair with it too. Tt’s e main prob. So u see if u wana give it a try. =)

I see =) I myself have not eaten the MOS rice burger for quite some time (usually take the teriyaki chicken) but i can roughly remember the taste of the rice burger.

And like what you have said, it goes better with dripping teriyaki kind of sauce =) Anyway if i’m back, most prob i will try other stalls.

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