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I’m upset & fustrated =(

Posted on: December 23, 2008

Ok…. Maybe i’m sensitive but i’m kind of upset by a comment that was made on my facebook.

I reached home, went online & was surprised to see quite a lot of comments on my recent added photos & while going through the comment, i saw one which i didn’t quite like

Then another thing that bothers me is about this particular person. Please contact your & my friends. Everyone can’t get you & it’s really fustrating to have everyone asking me what happened. Please be responsible for all your clients!! Haiz.

Then my grandma nag non stop. It’s nice to live with grandparents but not nagging ones. I’m not really blaming her but when you are in a bad mood, i can’t take it

I feel like crying (which i did last night) & i’m getting breathless from all the anger ={  *sob*


3 Responses to "I’m upset & fustrated =("

June jie jie..oh dont be upset… watever it is cheer up:). im not very good at cheering myself up either but just forget about other peoples comments. As long as u love urself (hehe) then all good. dont care about other people too much:)!

you got others who love you! (: smileeeee!

Hi cousins!! Thanks & i luv u too =)

I’m alright lah…. Just feeling very down suddenly & i just want to type it out.

See u tmr Xin Lian & to Qirong, looking forward to see you soon!!

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