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Around mid of this month, i went to Nature Delight Vegetarian for lunch with everyone (my ah ma, aunts & cousins). We always frequent the Teck Chye Terrace branch =)


The claypot noodle is a hot favourite among us especially my ah ma! she super love it =)  I myself like the abalone noodle very much.

The prata wrap with ham & cheese is pretty good too!

Didn’t take pictures of the rest cause too many people & didn’t want to interupt them eating =)

But if you want to find nice vegetarian food with reasonable pricing, can come to Nature Delight Vegetarian

  • No. 37, Teck Chye Terrace
  • Singapore 545734
  • Tel: 6286 8028
  • Business Hours : 11:00am to 9:30pm

After lunch, all cousins proceed on to Bugis for some shopping & i got a nice simple green dress for $10! =) 

Qirong & Xin Lian also manage to get quite a few good buys! But the guys surprisingly didn’t shop long. Hee

And seems like almost everytime before we left Bugis, we will go to TCC for a break!! Haha


If you are @ TCC & you are a vegetarian, i strongly recommend this salad to you =)   It’s really GOOD!!

If i remember correctly, do request not to add garlic & onion ( my 2 cousins who are vegetarian can’t take this 2 ingredients)


On the left is Vege Eleganza. Something which i’m trying for the first time! It’s not too bad if you want a more healthy choice. There’s brocolli, pumpkin in it.

On the right is Beef Mozza Tofu. Lester & Aarom loves this dish =)  I tried a bit before & it’s nice!



Happy Lunar New Year!!!!

May The Year Of Ox be a prosperous year for everyone & may you be blessed with good health , lots of love , happiness & good luck! =)

Huat Ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hua Yi Kitchen is definitely one of my favourite place for a meal + i love noodles & i like the selection here

So in this post i’m going to introduce more of the dishes i always eat + new dishes i’ve tried =)



This 2 are one of the must order noodles when i’m there especially the “Zha Jiang Mian”!! It’s really yummy with the sauce , minced meat & lots of vegetables  =)

Next are something new which i’ve tried & i would like to share it with everyone


This is what my friend had & according to her, she finds it not too bad =)


This is a refreshing appetitzer of smooth tofu with toppings of century eggs & preserved vegetables. Worth trying!


I was glad i order this to try as it’s really nice! The red bean paste is not too sweet & makes a nice dessert =)

Hua Yi Kitchen is worth a visit (in my opinion) if you want a nice quiet meal with good food & reasonable pricing. The food standard are generally not bad =)

  • Hua Yi Kitchen
  • International Building Level 2 (next to thai embassy)
  • Tel: 6235 3156

This morning the 3 of us (me, my 4th aunt & Haolin) got ready first so we decide to explore around the area near our hotel before breakfast.



And we were in for a surprise when we discover a lane opposite our hotel (just cross the road from “Da Jia Le”) selling hair accessories & scarves! =) And i was very happy cause they are selling it so cheap here!

Since i’m looking for scarves, good news for me! They are selling for SGD 2 only! =)  As i’ve short hair now, i didn’t go too crazy over the hair accessories but i manage to get some as gifts & some basic stuff for myself =)


When we are done, we met up with the rest & head to Jun Hao Restaurant (located on level 6 of our hotel) for some dim sum =)

They gave each of us a mini pot for our chinese tea! So cute! =)


As i’ve read reviews from online forums that the milk tarts from Jun Hao restaurant taste great, we must give it a try & i’m glad we did! =)

It’s really smooth & tasty!



The standard of the dim sum here is really not bad! I enjoyed my breakfast =)

Up next – Shang Xia Jiu


The crowd here is pretty scary! Really a lot of people & if you are shopping here, please be careful with your belongings. Even though none of our stuff were stolen, but since we were warned by Qirong so we just be extra careful lor.

Shopping here is not too bad but i only got 1 tunic that day! Hee. I find the shopping more suitable for young people.


But 1 thing i definitely like about Shang Xia Jiu is here! =)


OMG!!! I love it here =)  We all each had our favourite item & was happily ordering our food!!


‘Zhi Ma Hu”!! Oh my… This is really good!! =)  And all freshly made on the spot.


I got cravings for noodles so i was very happy to see many stalls here =)




And the eating continue…. =)  It was a great afternoon with good food & great company!

And we end it with something unique!









Fried scorpion! Me, Lester & his sister each took one =)  But it’s the small ones lah & very crispy lor. Hee

Everyone around us was giving the “Eeeeeeeeeee” look! Haha

Anyway after shopping, we stop @ Mac for a drink.


One of the candid shot that i took! Haha. Actually i wanted to take just his back view but he suddenly turn when i was taking the picture =)


We also saw this cute baby girl who was sitting with her mummy. I noticed most babys in China are very chubby & they looked so cute in their winter wear =)

By the way, it was another dinner treat by Yingyi’s parents! My 4th aunt wanted to treat them but end up they paid faster. Hee

We had really yummy vegetarian food @ this restaurant that’s located in a temple. But no pictures this time!

After dinner, must walk around to digest so off we went to Beijing Road to shop some more. I sort of did some last minute shopping too. Actually we discover some new places to shop but too bad, it’s our last night @ Guangzhou ={  But we will be back!! Hee


After i tried the egg tarts from Taiwan KFC, i can’t forget it =)  Maybe it’s the cold weather that makes it extra enjoyable.

I remember walking passed the KFC @ Beijing Road & Xin Lian was asking if i want some & i say “No…. Maybe later”. End up when they were looking @ sports stuff, i couldn’t resist the temptation & walked over to buy 1/2 a dozen & i ate 2 by myself =)

Anyway we really shop till the shops were closing & when we were back to the hotel, it’s time to pack our luggage!


Well that my cousin Haolin who’s “showing off’ his new buys to me! Haha.

But i must say he looked really good in both the jacket & hat!

And when you got too much to pack, you will become like this!!










He was just posing for my camera! Hee.

I’m not going to update on the last day of the trip as we left rather early to the airport so it’s just last minute shopping for everyone around our hotel.

But overall it was a good trip & i hope next time can go during summer months so can get more suitable clothes to wear for Singapore weather =)

Want to thanks Qirong & Yingyi for being such a good hosts cum tour guide.

Also to those who treated us to dinner esp to Yingyi’s parents who make an effort to entertain us every night.

To my 4th aunt, thanks for always asking me along for overseas trip + Big Thank You to everyone who take cares , shares yummy food & tolerate my “Siao Cha Bo” pattern lah! Haha

And lastly………..


CNY is coming!!! =)

Day 2

For day 2, we started the day by going to “Da Jia Le” which is just beside our hotel for something light first =)

I remember going to “Da Jia Le” when i was at HK & was quite pleasantly surprised to see one @ Guangzhou.


This is the number we got while we wait for our food to come! =)  88 which is a very good lucky number. Huat ah! Hee

After breakfast, it’s mostly shopping time at Beijing Road as they are open around 10.30-11am. Must not waste our precious time before we go for lunch.


This is where we went for lunch! =)  It’s located opposite “Yun Dong Cheng” & it’s recommended by Yingyi. Indeed we were all not disappointed. It’s simply delicious!!! =)


We had the chee cheong fun with prawns & beef fillings. Also order the “Zha Leong” as it’s suitable for my cousins who are vegetarians =)  My 4th aunt & i shared the mixed pork innards congee. The congee is nice & smooth but the innards can be kind of chewy.


We are all happy & satisfied customers!! =)


These yummilicious “Gao Lak” are bought by Yingyi’s grandma. Actually when we reach the chee cheong fun shop, she was eating & about to finish & she kindly gave up her seat & table for us =)  While we were eating, she came back with a packet of “Gao Lak” for us. So nice of her! =)


Saw this fat cat when we left the chee cheong fun shop.


Shopping today is good news for those who wants to shop for sports stuff =)  Especially for Haolin…. He was so delighted to be here!

This building & the sports shops along the same stretch offer really good choices =)

We also shop around the area & when we got hungry, Yingyi & Qirong brought us to Jusco to get something to eat.


And what i like about the Jusco here is that beside the supermarket, there’s also a cooked food section where you can get all sorts of choices =)

I like this concept! Can shop & eat @ the same time.


After a long day of shopping & walking around, it’s time for dinner & it’s another treat – this time by Yingyi’s dad’s friend.


What can i say & it’s another round of yummy food! =) 

And somehow there’s always some sort of entertainment & suddenly there’s music!


They actually have dancers who will invite the diners to dance with them. And my cousins were dragged in lah =)  Hee

It was pretty hilarious!

And before i end this post, i must mention about this dessert shop that we went to that’s near to our hotel.



We each order something to try & i must say it’s pretty yummy!


It was great to sit down & rest after a long day!

I was teasing Melissa that the colour of the bowl , spoon & dessert match with her outfit very much! Hee

And guess what picture i took when i went back to my hotel room??








Ok… I’m not good with the names of the shoes but is this called hyper dunks?? Anyway judging from the picture, i’m sure you can tell he’s very happy with his purchase =)

I was reminded of our 2008 Jan trip to Taiwan & he was having a good time buying sports shoes too! End up he even used the extra bag which i brought along! Haha =)

Day 3

Breakfast time & off we went to back for more chee cheong fun!! =)

And it’s more shopping today. If i remember correctly, Lester & his sister were looking for a pair of sports shoes =) 


When we are tired, it’s seems to be mostly Mac for a short break. I quite enjoy having the hot chocolate in the cold weather.



We also took the train that day to this shopping place but i’m bad at remembering names lah. Hee



Had a yummy lunch @ this place =)  And i had this very delicious seaweed salad & i actually wanted to order 1 more but sold out already! ={

I like my noodles too! Goes very well with the seaweed! =)


After lunch, all the young ones went to the arcade while i went shopping with my aunt. I manage to get this “Anna Sui” dress where i was told it was a factory reject so selling @ a hugely discounted price. But the dress is really lovely lah. My aunt also got herself a nice dress & i must say the quality is really not too bad


And when i’m hungry, i tends to get some “Yu Dan” to eat again =)

Dinner Time

Oh well… It’s another dinner treat & this time is by Yingyi’s aunt =)


Another round of many many dishes such as the huge bao & “Jiao Zhi”. Basically we really had a very good meal every night. Hee


We also had some fun taking pictures, pretending to be big boss! Haha. And i don’t know why i must give such a expression.


Shall end this post with a picture of me wearing my new head wear which i got earlier on in the day =)  Only cost SGD 4!! Luckily i got this with me as the weather starts to turn cold @ night

Recently went on a 5D4N trip to Guangzhou. It was my first time there & i was pretty excited about it. And for this trip will have my cousin Qirong & her bf Yingyi as our “tour guide” =)  So confirm can go to lots of good places for shopping & makan.


Thanks to Xin Lian for helping me take this picture =)  Somehow i just like the background very much lah. Hee.


Saw this while we were walking to the gate to board the plane. I just can’t resist & have to trouble Xin Lian to take a picture again =)  And i kind of like the effect created by the ray of lights.

And on the day when i return to Singapore, they were changing it to CNY decorations already =)


I was travelling on a SQ plane & Haolin was telling me on how we can learn some cantonese on the Kris World Inflight Entertainment. I got curious & went to try it. Haha. But hard to remember lah though it’s quite fun =)

Anyway the flight to Guangzhou isn’t long & it took about 3 & 1/2 hours only.

Upon arrival, we were happy to see Qirong & her bf waiting for us. Yingyi’s dad was very nice to arrange a van & a driver to come & pick us up =)

I was really happy to see Qirong =)  Haven’t seen her for about 2 years but thanks to facebook & friendster, we managed to stay in touch & see updates about each other.


Haolin’s dad was recommending Lido Hotel to us & while i did a search online, i also discovered a lot of people like to stay @ this hotel =)  And the main attraction is it’s near Beijing Road so easier for shopping lah. And indeed it’s a good choice!


We actually booked the Deluxe Room but upon check in, we were upgraded to Business Room =)  Quite a pleasant surprise – good start for our trip! Haha. Anyway for my deluxe room rate, i paid $135 in total for the 4 nights stay for a triple sharing room.

As you can see from the pictures, no complaints about the room =)  Clean & spacious enough lah.


I realised that Guangzhou is kind of like Hong Kong. Lots of old & new buildings next to each other.

Anyway after putting down our luggages in the room, we start to explore around.


And we started off with eating!!! =)


For this trip, i’ve been eating a lot of the curry “Yu Dan”. Maybe it’s due to the cold weather =)  Feels extra good eating it but i would prefer it to be more spicy like the ones @ HK.


This is the most power one! “Ma La Mian”!!!! I was eating it till i sweat ok but shiok @ the same time =)  Really numb our tongues but i quite enjoy it due to the cold weather. Hee


Enjoying some yummy drinks!! =)


Also tried this from the Mac @ Guangzhou but still prefer my apple pie from Singapore

After filling up our tummy, we walked around Beijing Road & do some shopping. I personally like Beijing Road as it caters well to both men & women’s. Lots of choices =)

Dinner Time


Yingyi’s parents treated us to dinner @ Kam Boat Restaurant & i wasnt prepared for the amount of dishes that we are going to have. I didn’t even count but there should be 10 odd kinds of dishes (excluding desserts & fruits). The portions are big & all are really yummy!

And there’s even Foie Gras!!! Also got roast goose, fresh seafood, etc… =)

All of us left the restaurant with a big round tummy!! Haha

But that’s not the end! We still got some entertainment waiting for us.


I thought i will only see this in shows but that night we went to a night club for ktv & drinking session.

Quite an experience & when we enter, ladies (but decent ones in uniforms) were standing in rows welcoming us. And 2 martell were open immediately!! Haha. But i guess it’s the norm for them @ China. They drink a lot & can drink very well.

Anyway it was an interesting start & end for the first day @ Guangzhou!

I tends to explore around for more vegetarian food when my 5th aunt & family are back in s’pore for a visit =)  And since i’ve my own blog now, i would like to share it with everyone so you guys can have more choices



They have quite a good range of food =) 

Before i went to Guangzhou, i happened to be @ AMK Hub with my 4th aunt & my cousin Haolin. So Haolin decide to try out the food =)  And he had the








Looks good huh & it’s taste yummy soon. Nice sweet taste =)  I took a small sip lah. Hee


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